Monday, March 30, 2009

More Game Pictures

Here's some more pictures of the kids on game days. Bethany is doing really well. Tonight she hit every single time up to bat. She enjoys playing catcher and hates playing outfield. Elisha is in a slump. He hasn't gotten a hit in a single game so far. But he's trying and still having fun so that's all that really counts.

Our smilin' boy in the dugout.

Our smilin' girl in the dugout.

Baseball ready.

This is what Bethany looks like every time she strikes out!

I took this picture of Elisha while he played during Bethany's game. He's down inside some old tires they have at JOBL and I am taking the picture from above.

Bethany found some balloons that had gotten caught on a tree during one of Elisha's games. I saw her pretending to be asleep on them and tried to take a picture but she caught me and opened her eyes and smiled. It's still a great picture though!

I get lots of smiles from Elisha any time he sees with the camera pointed at him.

This is a picture of Bethany getting a hit. It almost looks like she missed, but trust me that ball went forward and she got safely to first base.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I love the picture of Bethany on the balloon. She is really beautiful! I'm just jealous of all the sunshine I see in those pictures! Glad the kids are having a great time in sports. We are going to get Josiah some swim lessons this month since they are offering a huge discount for homeschoolers. Keep Bloggin, Girl!

Rebecca Feldermann said...

Seriously, funniest photo I've ever seen of someone who has just struck out! Elisha looks cute, as usual, in all his photos. Jamie was pretty excited to see this blog and kept saying hi to Elisha's photo and telling me who was in each one!