Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation

Warning! This post contains many, many pictures, most of them adorable. Proceed only if you want a smile, a laugh or an occassional awwww....

Today was Bethany's Kindergarten graduation. She is now officially a first grader, oh no! Yohn was the cameraman most of the time as I was running the video, so unfortunately most of the photos during the performance did not turn out as well as planned, but I still took a lot of pictures before and after and those are mostly the ones I am now posting.

This is after the class came in and they were seated, while waiting for their turn to perform. She looks so confident, so self assured. She was definately ready for this day.

This is one of the pictures of her on stage that turned out although it is a little dark. Her class performed the Farmer in the Dell.

This is an after the performance picture of her and Jamie. Doesn't he have beautiful blue eyes. Okay I know Bethany's eyes are beautiful too, but I love the way his eyes stand out in this picture.

Grandpa Gene and Grandma Susan bought Bethany and Jewell graduation balloons and a teddy bear with a matching cap and gown. It was so cute.

Bethany has her daddy's eyes.

Why we didn't just ask someone to take a picture of us all together, I have no idea, but oh well.

This is Ms. Brenda, Bethany's kindergarten teacher. Bethany just had to have a picture with her because she said, "I just love her so much I need a picture with her."

These are forced smiles, but I still think they're cute!

This is the kids and their Grandma Yvonne, Yohn's mom.
Only twelve more years and she'll be wearing this gown again. Okay not this particular one, but a similar one. I don't even want to think about how fast that time is going to fly by. So for now I'll enjoy the fact that my little one is still little. I know "It Won't Be Like This For Long" (This is the song I used by Darius Rucker for the kindergarten slide show).

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Rebecca Feldermann said...

Okay, that was the best post. You got some really cute pics of Bethany. She was adorable. Her and Jamie together--at least for me is like the cutest ever! Probably because of their personalities too...opposite, but still the same:)