Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vacation - Day 2

This is how we found them the next morning. Awww....

After traveling all morning we stopped at a rest area to use the bathroom, stretch and eat some lunch. Elisha proved his strength by climbing to the top of this fence-thingy. I probably wouldn't have normally let him do it but he was cooped up in a car for four hours prior to doing this. It was great for him to have something to let off some energy.

Bethany had to take the time to smell all the flowers around the rest area. Some of the roses smelled really good and she insisted that I smell them with her. Yohn just laid on the bend while the kids and I entertained ourselves.

I had Bethany's softball album I created on shutterfly sent to mom and dad's house so we could show it off once it arrived. It actually beat us there and so Bethany had to show it to Grandpa Henry within 10 minutes of our arrival.

When Mom and Dad went to Hawaii they bought color changing t-shirts for the kids. This is the before shot, see how Elisha's shirt is black and white.

And here's the after shot. See all the colors! The kids really loved these shirts, but not me taking the pictures. Don't you love the forced, I don't really want my picture taken smiles.

This is Mom's dog, Chunky. The kids love this dog and talk about seeing him every year.

Mom and Dad have a calf named Loo-Loo-Bell. Appartently her mom wasn't taking very good care of her so they brought her home to care for (it's a long story really and I don't remember all the details). The kids took the task of bottle feeding her very seriously and drove us crazy every day by asking if it was time to feed her yet.

Elisha actually had the first turn, but freaked out almost immediately and handed the bottle to Bethany. He preferred the job of petting her.

After she bucked her head to try to get more milk Bethany dropped the bottle and Yohn (my city boy) took over. He found out very quickly that cows hoofs and bare feet in sandals are not a good combination. After that he left the feeding of the calf to the kids.

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I am a gift said...

Ilove the tee shirts your parents bought the kids I never saw any like that before. I remember you tallking about their trip to Hawaii and I think it was your dad on the phone when he was on the plane or about to be on the plane? I am sure that the experience was something else for Yohn with the animals and just a blast for the kids.