Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baseball/Softball Chronicles ~ April 25th - 30th

Tuesday, April 26th

The A's vs. The Pirates

Getting a little bit of coaching before going up to bat.

I'd love to say that coaching resulted in a hit, but Elisha got on base anyways because the pitcher walked him.

Which resulted in a run home and a point on the scoreboard!

Final Score: A's 11, Pirates 5

Thursday, April 28th

The Cubs vs. The Angels

Thursday night found me in the scorekeeper box for Bethany's team. So you'll see some of the pictures have that fancy fence frame. :)

Bethany did a great job getting on base every time up to bat!

Resulting in a trip across the plate two out of those three times on base. Can you tell she likes to slide? Check out that smile!

The fact that she got a hit every time at bat (even two off of the kid pitchers!) she also got her second game MVP!

Final score: Cubs 7, Angels 10

Saturday, April 30th

The A's vs. The Indians

Up first for the day at the crack of dawn (okay not quite that early but we were at the fields early enough) was Elisha's team.

Getting walked once again today, he seems to be good at that.

Leading off... he's really starting to enjoy stealing bases. It still makes him a little nervous but he's getting better at paying attention to both his coach and where the ball is. Trusting the coach is key though and he's learning not to second guess and just run and slide if necessary. Now if only we can get him to keep his shoes tied... :)

Final Score: A's 5, Indians 14

Let's just say none of us could understand how the A's could have lost this game. A hard day indeed.

The Cubs vs. The Blue Jays

On this day, Daddy was scorekeeping,

Bethany was outfielding,

and in fielding,

and getting on base,

and scoring the winning point! (and Mommy was obviously behind the camera, and Elisha was off running around with his friends)

Okay I already wrote about the hero story on my 365 a few weeks back but in case you missed that recap here it is...

The score was tied, bottom of the sixth, two outs, full count, Bethany hits and makes it to first base (on an error), then steals second, then third and waits to be batted in. K comes up and gets a great hit, makes it safely to first and Bethany comes in with the winning run!

And now you know why I love this time of year and am going to be sad if Bethany decides this one is her last :(

Final Score: Cubs 7, Blue Jays 6


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Great pics! Looks like the kids are having a blast. I had Josiah all signed up for soccer and thought I would give Aikido a try and he loved it so much that I ended up get a refund for soccer. Fine with me, since as you know, I'm not much of a soccer mom. I love Aikido because the kids classes are back to back and I can get home in time to still cook dinner :)

H-Mama said...

mvp's and stealing bases? do i see pros in their future?? ;)

He & Me + 3 said...

You really have two very good ball players. Yeah Bethany for getting MVP. How cool! A walk is just as good as a hit to me :) Still on base! Our last game got rained out :(