Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday's Games

Saturday was a scorcher here, 102 so I've heard. Unfortunately my kids had 1:00 games so you can imagine how much fun that was. Actually Bethany's team did well, although Bethany decided to play the character of the team, batting one-handed, laying in the grass in the out field and playing with her helmet at first base and getting out at second because she didn't run in time.

Honestly I was a little frustrated with her when she was not paying attention and got out, but now that I look back I realize she's five years old, it was way too hot, and she was not whiny and played hard still. She made the best of the situation and now I can see it that way and smile.

She also had 2 RBI's and came home twice so even though she wasn't playing seriously the whole time she did pretty good still.

Elisha's team on the other hand was an entirely different story. You could tell it was just too hot for them. Elisha got a hit in the 5th inning (yay!) and I got a good picture of it. You can tell though that he swung too soon, the ball going off the head of the bat right to the first baseman. Oh well, at least he's swinging and starting to gain confidence in doing it!

These pictures make me hot all over again just looking at them!

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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

It does look hot! What awesome pictures.