Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Top 5 From the Past Three Months

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This was Elisha's first year in basketball and sadly due to some miscommunication we missed being prepared for picture day. So I took some pictures of him instead, and this one, which he posed himself, turned out to be one of my favs.

Mr. Nine Year old, oh how I love him.

My ever so creative daughter and her wild imagination. She cracks me up!

Love, love her eyes in this picture and her personality shining through.

I didn't take many pictures of the two of them together these past few months, so I chose this one to kinda keep things even. My daughter loves flowers and my son loves wrapping his arms around her and squeezing her neck. To display your own top 5 for all the world to see, click on the button above!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

They Are His

I don't know about you, but I like knowing that the birds and the insects even belong to God. How much more so does He think about us!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Week in Review ~ Project 365

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Sunday ~ March 20th

Looks like it is gonna be a busy couple of months! Especially since the rain keeps halting any hope at getting this season officially started.

Monday ~ March 21st

The sun came out a few times today in between rain storms.

Tuesday ~ March 22nd

My creative kid made her bread into the shape of a shoe. Can you see it?

Wednesday ~ March 23rd

Harmony was baptized!

Thursday ~ March 24th

It rained all. day. long. There was not a single time I went out or looked out the window that it was not raining. Our poor Koda dog is too big to keep in the house all day, but really it does not look like he minds, even when his area is a muddy mess. He just continues to run around in it and begs to go out if we do have him inside.

On a side note, the transformer nearby the kids' school blew and we had to send them all home. Five hours later the power was back on but that is way too long without heat or electricity.

Friday ~ March 25th

Elisha's birthday book came in the mail. I got such a good price for this on Groupon!

Saturday ~ March 26th

Another missing tooth! Can you tell he just got out of the shower?

To see more great Project 365 photos, head on over to Sara's blog.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On a Sunny Day in February...

...I took these pictures of my kids.

We are seriously missing that sunshine right now!

She's always gotta find some critter whenever she's outside!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

As the Showers Upon the Grass

I know I just posted this picture in my 365 Project but I found this scripture and it just seemed to fit. May God's Word fall on us "as the showers upon the grass."

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Project 365 (#363 - ONE YEAR DONE!)

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Sunday ~ #363/365

Have you seen these feathers extensions (umm... I think they are extensions)? Apparently they are becoming very popular (I say apparently because I do not keep up with hair styles or pretty much anything else that is popular, I'm kinda lame like that). Grandma Susan bought some online and so now all the grandgirls have matching feathers in their hair.

Monday ~ #364/365

Raining again!

Tuesday ~ #365/365

(All done with one year's worth of pictures!)
This is Elisha's report on Abraham Lincoln. He was very proud of himself and asked me to put this one up because he worked hard on it.


I found this four leaf clover and forgot to take a picture of it when it was fresh. So now here it is all pressed and ready for the kids to take to school in the morning for St. Patrick's Day.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Gotta love her creative/goofy side!


It was pouring today! Although that's not too much different than the rest of the week because we had rain six out of seven days. But on this day it rained extra hard. I tried to get a picture of the puddle with the water splashing but in my haste not to get soaked and to keep my camera dry this is what I ended up with.


Due to all the rain, baseball/softball opening day was re-scheduled (and unfortunately we will be out of town the weekend it has been traded to). This is one of the Pee Wee fields underwater. And with all the rain we are supposed to get all next week it could look a lot worse. Our only reason for veturing out at all was to pick up this:

Elisha got his first name on his hat and his last name on his shirt. He's so excited because this is the first year they have been offered this and it made it extra special for him. Bethany declined to have hers done, so please don't think I am playin' favorites!

Well, one year officially down! And now it's time to head to Sara's to see what everyone else's weather has been like this week else has been up to this week. (And as I sit here and type this I am listening, again, to the wind whipping around and the rain beating down on my house. Makes me want to sing, It's raining, it's pouring...)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Funnies - Frugal: To Save

Frugal: To Save

Mary's fourth grade homework assignment was to make sentences using the words in her spelling list, along with the definition. Coming across the word "frugal" in the list, she asked her father what it meant. He explained that being frugal meant you saved something.

Her paper read:

Frugal: to save

Sentence: Maid Marion fell into a pit when she went walking in the woods so she yelled for someone to come get her out. She yelled "Frugal me, Frugal me!"

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Project 365 (#356 - #362)

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Sunday ~ #356/365

They begged to just watch one more episode of the Flintstones before going to bed but just couldn't make it through.

Monday ~ #357/365

Sometimes he's the best helper for dinner preparations.

Tuesday ~ #358/365

She lost another tooth! You almost can't tell by the picture, but her permanent tooth was pushing it up at an odd angle. Her brother also has the same exact tooth to get out that has ended up behind his permanent tooth. So made a contest out of it. It only took a week before we had a winner. Can you tell she was excited?

Wednesday ~ #359/365

I love this kid's eyes but next time methinks we should be outdoors and well maybe I won't zoom in as much.

Thursday ~ #360/365

No camera, no picture. But we did go out to eat at the Spaghetti Factory with friends and the kids did do one of these fun pages while waiting for the food.

Friday ~ #361/365

Since Yohn and I are never able to help at field prep day for Elisha and Bethany's baseball/softball league and since it is mandatory, we volunteered to do some work tonight. The kids both had a scrimmage game so we were there and available. I raked up several piles of these leaves totalling 4 1/2 bags worth and Yohn filled the other half with trash from around the complex. See that large bag in the background, that's one of ours. Nobody can accuse us of not doing our share :) Boy were my very under-used muscles tired.

Saturday ~ #362/365

Yohn finally was able to get hats with the kids' teams on them. They have been repeatedly asking when he was gonna do it and finally they allowed us to purchase them with the league because all the kids were finished getting them for their uniforms. We waited because they are way cheaper to buy them through the league than at the store.

Whew! A busy, busy week we had with a practice almost every day. The kids are lovin' it though! And I have almost done an entire year of the 365! Only three more days to go! Thanks Sara for hosting the fun!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Funnies - "Making Babies"

A second grader came home from school and said to her mother, "Mom, guess what? We learned how to make babies today."

The mother, more that a little surprised, asked fearfully, "That's interesting. How do you make babies?"

"It's simple," replied the girl. You just change 'y' to 'i' and add 'es'."

Have a great Friday!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Elisha's Birthday Pics

Since his birthday was on a Friday, he got to celebrate at school. He's been asking for one of these cookie cakes for a long time. I saw the basketball one and thought it was perfect.

His whole class jumped in for a picture too!

Later that night we celebrated with Grandma Yvonne, who happens to share a birthday with him.

We ate out a Mimi's and had a great time, even though they crammed us all into one booth.

Then on Saturday it was off to Sky High for some fun with family and friends.

Trampolines everywhere make for some great bouncing fun!

But bad lighting and constant movement make for some not so great photos.

Still you can see how much fun it was, even with the blur.

And the foam pit was one of Elisha's favorite things!

Then we headed to Denny's for dessert, the happy birthday song and presents.

By the smile on his face, I think it's safe to say, he thought it was a great day.
(And yes, he wore the same clothes two days in a row because they were "his favorites". It was his birthday, so how could I say no!)