Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Week in Review ~ Project 365

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Sunday ~ April 24th


Monday ~ April 25th

These are blossoms on a nearby orange tree. Although they are almost all gone now they smell so sweet.
Tuesday ~ April 26th
Elisha comes home after being walked.

This was next door to us when we came home tonight. The string was caught in the tree behind our house. It must have gotten away from someone at the park. I believe whoever lost it, came to retrieve it the next day because it was gone. See how big it was? I'm pretty sure it was homemade, so I really hope the owners were the ones to claim it.

Thursday ~ April 28th

Our little MVP!

Friday ~ April 29th

We had furry visitors all week while our friends were out of town. Bad idea because now the kids want some (and they have the money set aside for them already).

Saturday ~ April 30th

Just another day at the ball fields...

Elisha stealing third.

And not to be outdone Bethany and her teammate became today's last minute heroes. The score was tied, bottom of the sixth, two outs, full count, Bethany hits and makes it to first base (on an error), then steals second and third, waits to be batted in, K comes up and hits a great hit, makes it safely to first and Bethany comes home with the winning run!

And that's it for my week! Check out Sara and Sarah's blogs for more 365's and then maybe next week join in yourself. It's never too late to start and it's so much fun to look back over the week.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Carmel ~ Part 2

On Sunday we spent part of the day in Monterey, about 15 minutes away. We visited the much talked about Monterey Bay Aquarium. Yohn and I both thought this would have been more fun to see with the kids, but we enjoyed ourselves nevertheless. We saw....

... a diver in the tank feeding the apparently friendly sharks who only eat certain kinds of food.

...a fish about as big as our son!

...bat rays being fed.

...birds who had been rescued off of the coast.

... a seal who wouldn't keep his sleepy head up long enough for me to get a good picture of him.

... several tankfuls of colorful fish. And also penguins, turtles, otters, seahorses and eels.

We walked around the shops and had lunch at a little restaurant I would never visit again. Seriously even the water was yucky. Unfortunately, a headache crept up on me and we spent much of the afternoon napping and watching movies. We had dinner in our room and enjoyed a restful evening together.

The next morning we took the time to walk the shores of Carmel one more time, collecting "treasures" for our children before we came home. All in all, we had a great trip just spending time together and getting some much needed rest!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Carmel ~ Part 1

On April 4th, Yohn and I celebrated 13 years of being married. The following weekend we headed out on a kid free mini vacation to be together, just the two of us...

We saw this our first evening there. Beautiful. The ocean is one of Yohn's favorite places. Not mine as much, but I still enjoyed myself a lot.

I do like this profile pic of my hubby!

The next day we drove for a bit and then walked the beach. I climbed the rocks. Maybe I should have used the other picture that shows how far up I climbed. :)

I took lots and lots of pictures of the water. You just never know which pictures will be just what you wanted until you get them on the computer.

We took pictures of each other.

I took pictures of the flowers...

...and the path we walked on.

Love you Babe!

I spotted this guy attempting to sun himself on the trail, although there really wasn't much sun. It was kinda chilly and overcast.

Then I caught this little guy and borrowed him for some pictures before putting him back where he belonged.

We also spotted this caterpillar.

The view from above.

Later that day we went on the 17 mile drive. The first part of it was very tree lined.

But the second half took us down by the beach again.

We stopped at Bird Rock where it was said you could see seals. We couldn't see them due to the setting sun behind the rock but we sure could hear them. However, if you look carefully you can see that the camera could still see them. Apparently they were all over that rock. Can you see the little one in the water on the right side. That's all we could see of the seals.

We also saw a few deer on our scenic drive.

That's the lone cypress. Such beautiful scenery.


More to come...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Week in Review ~ Project 365

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Sunday ~ April 17th

We planted red poppy seeds last year but they never grew. This year one has decided to join the many orange poppies growing in out little flower bed.

Monday ~ April 18th

Prize eggs for the fundraiser. Elisha's only had candy in it.

Tuesday ~ April 19th, 2011

Bethany's team played Harmony's tonight. This is a picture of the two facing off.

Wednesday ~ April 20th

Four square competition at school. Elisha took 5th place.

Thursday ~ April 21st

Since the school is closed for Good Friday the preschooler had their Easter Egg Hunt today.

Friday ~ April 22nd

We went to a park we hadn't visited in a while. I think my son looks like a caged tiger or lion in this picture.

Saturday ~ April 23rd
And she's safe! (No she did not slide into that bat, even though it might look that way.)

Wanna see more 365 pics? Visit Sara and Sarah who host this fun project.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baseball/Softball Chronicles ~ April 3rd - 9th

April 3rd, 2011

A's vs. Pirates

Okay so I know this picture started out my last post too, but I can't help that that is the day it happened on, or that this is the only picture I have.

As mentioned previously this was a re-scheduled game (on a Sunday) that Yohn and I were not able to be at. Elisha's coach picked him up and, of course, he had his best game of the season (so far anyway) earning him the game ball. I guess getting a huge hit to the outfield and being a monster at 3rd base will do that for you.

Final Score: A's 12 - Pirates 4

April 6th, 2011

A's vs. Cubs

I think he's focusing?

Waiting to be told he can step into the batter's box.

Covering third base.

Final Score: A's 4 - Cubs 17

Ouch. They kinda played like a tired team tonight, and the other team took advantage.

April 7th, 2011

Cubs vs. Orioles

Trying to focus and stay warm.

See that sky? We could see the storm coming and were hoping it would hold off. It didn't, and just before it really came down on us a gust of wind blew right across the field, blowing dust at the batter, the umpire and me in the scorekeeper box. We were all complaining about dust in our eyes and the ump called time. Then all of a sudden...

You may not be able to see it but the field has hail all over it and there's hail coming down hard.

And while I should have been safe and sound under the roof of the scorekeeper box I wasn't because the wind was blowing it right in on me. Both the umpire and I were doing our best to stand in the back and try not to get hit. We were both soaked as the hail and rain died down. Needless to say this game was called and re-scheduled to resume on April 29th.

When the game was called the score was Orioles 3 - Cubs 0 in the bottom of the 2nd inning. Let's hope the Cubs pick it up on the next time we resume this game (and that the weather is much nicer and not so stinkin' cold!). Starting with a 3-0 disadvantage is not going to be fun.

Saturday, April 9th

Yohn and I were out of town for these games but were taken to them by friends who were watching them. Gene was good to send us text updates as the games played. Sorry no pictures.

A's vs. White Sox

Elisha struck out both times but played aggressively in the outfield.

Final Score: A's 8 - White Sox 4

Cubs vs. Blue Jays

Bethany was hit by a pitch early on in this game and even though she did not cry and said she was alright, she also got called for strikes because she kept jumping out of the box. My mommy heart was sad to here she had been hit and we weren't there to encourage her and get her swinging again. :(

Final Score: Ummmm.... I can't seem to find the results of this game, but I do know the Cubs got the W. :)