Saturday, November 3, 2012

Summer Highlight ~ The Finale

Whew! Took me long enought to wrap this up. It seems kinda odd posting some of these pictures with the colder weather we have been having lately.

This year I did "date nights" with each of the kids to go back to school shopping. Bethany went first since her birthday was just around the corner. That way I could scout out birthday ideas and then let her brother know when I took him out, a win-win.

In the above picture is the first day of school outfit she picked out complete with the shoes that she "had" to have. Seriously she has never been like that before. We went to one store she saw then and didn't give any of the other shoe stores a backward glance. We went back before the night's end and got them. Thankfully they were on sale. Her backpack was also on sale for 65% off, a definate score!

We went out to eat at Johnny Rocket's, where apparently kids eat free on Thurdays nights. Another deal!

The kids participated in several summer reading programs this year. Above is Bethany's loot from the library reading program. Elisha did it too, but I forgot to take pictures of him when he redeemed his reading log.

We took advantage of JC Penny's free haircuts for kids offer in August. Bethany has bangs for the first time ever! Her idea not mine. She has since decided they are not for her and is growing them out again. Too much maintenance.

Have you ever heard of Kids Fly Free? We hadn't until we saw a poster advertising it one night. We decided to give a try. Small airports across the country participate all year long (when the weather is right). Pilots donate both their time and fuel to take kids up in the air for about 45 minutes.

 Not the greatest pictures, but not the worst either. They had so much fun we did it again in September. They have been asking me ever since when our airport will be flying kids for free again, but I believe it starts again in April.

No take off or landing pictures because we were not that close to that particular part of the airstrip.
Elisha is really into wrestling now thanks to his friend T, so guess what he chose as his first day of school shirt?

We went to free movie night at the drive ins with friends. This is the back of our suburban. The kids piled in on the mattress we brought along and had a great time. We watched Madagascar 3 and The Avengers.

The kids' friends left before Avengers and both of them fell asleep before the movie was even halfway over. Elisha was plenty upset that he missed Hulk's debut.

The last weekend of the summer was stuffed full. First with Bethany's birthday at the pool (notice her cake does not say anything? She insisted it be plain because she did not want to mess it up with words)...

...and then at church the next day for "Aqua Blast". Basically a children's church service with a water fight and slide.

Yes, that's my daughter in a garbage can filled with water. She's crazy like that.

Elisha "earned" the right to get slimed. Lucky him.

This is a fluke picture, but I liked it anyways. My camera has issues, one of which is waiting several seconds before taking an actual picture. I had given up when it snapped this one. Thankfully it was in focus, most of them aren't.

That's it for the summer posts. Maybe I can get the fall ones all caught up before winter is actually here. Don't hold me to it though, K?