Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another Update

Well Bethany's team was officially eliminated on Thursday night. They came out keeping the game close in the first three innings, but in the last three they started to struggle and the other team pulled away. Still they had fun. I think the coaches were sadder than the girls that the season was over. You can truly tell they loved each and every one of them.

Elisha's team is still going strong, winning their first two playoff games. They play again Monday night, so we'll see what happens from there. He's become a much more confident player, even in these last few weeks. Last night I watched him field a ball and was amazed at how quickly he adjusted. The second baseman missed a grounder and Elisha stepped up to stop it. At the last second the ball popped up and he adjusted, caught it, and threw the ball to the first baseman barely missing the out. Wow! It was exciting to see.

Sorry, I didn't get any good pictures to share this time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Playoffs Update

Well one team was a winner (Elisha's) and one team was a non-winner (Bethany's). Both teams played hard and so did both of my kids. To get into the playoff spirit, we used colored hair spray in team colors, although you can't really tell in the picture that Bethany's braids are pink (they were supposed to red, but I couldn't find our red, so we used pink and white).

Yes, that is a mohawk Elisha is sporting. That was also a "playoffs thing."

Bethany got a hit every time up to bat, was paying attention for the most part at catcher and got to run home every time on base.

Elisha backed up both second base and first base, getting the ball in the field and helping to stop the runner from going home. He also got a hit tonight, even though he got out at first. This isn't the greatest picture, but I kind of thought it was an interesting behind shot after a hit.

I couldn't resist posting this great picture of the kids and their friend Jamie (Hope you don't mind Becca). He's one of Bethany's classmates and he and his mom came out tonight just to watch the kids play.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kid Fest

Every year on Memorial Day we go to Kid Fest. The City of Concord sponsers this weekend long event just for kids. Everything is kid friendly: jumpers, crafts, animals, games, shows, etc. My kids always look forward to being a part of Circus Imagination.

This isn't exactly the greatest quality picture, but you can see Bethany dressed like a butterfly ballerina in the middle/left and Elisha is a butterfly catcher clown on the far right (in the stripes). The guy who does this is definately good with kids and keeps the show exciting and fun the whole time.

Making a special guest appearance, Dora the Explorer!

Bethany thinks she such an acrobat!

Elisha is so amazing he can do skateboarding moves without the skateboard!


Both Elisha and Bethany's team made the playoffs! Of course, both of them play at the exact same time on Wednesday night =(

Saturday, May 23, 2009

If You Have an Adventurous Child...

If you have an adventurous child like mine, make sure they know what animals/insects they can and cannot pick up. Today we visited a park we had never been to before. There were lizards everywhere and the kids had a blast chasing them and trying to catch them. As we walked the trails Bethany was walking behind us and all of a sudden started shouting, "Hey look-it!" When we turned around she was holding a snake by the tail and laughing and yelling. It was a harmless snake, but she'll pick up anything she can catch! Really I'm not the type of person to get all freaked out and this time was no exception, but it did make me realize that if we're not careful she could get really hurt by what she grabs. Last week she found some ugly bug in our yard that had a stinger and of course she picked it up. Luckily she didn't get stung but it was trying. I warned her then about picking up creatures if she didn't know if they were safe or not. Today she said all she saw was the tail and that she thought it was a lizard. Well it wasn't and so we had a nice little talk about it. I'm sure this won't be the last time we have this talk knowing my daughter.

Yohn and Elisha had to climb this rock area on the side of the hill to see what was in the cave.

Here's Bethany with a butterfly she caught. She'd rather be outside catching bugs and lizards than anything else.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I forgot that I hadn't updated on Elisha's eye. Now one week later his eye is looking good. It only really swelled the first day and by Saturday all the swelling was gone. What is left now is a pink patch where the scab used to be and we're hoping it won't scar too bad.

Trampoline Fun

I took these pictures of the kids and Yohn wrestling on the trampoline a few weeks ago. I meant to post them then but didn't find the time and then found a few other things to post instead. Now that our week has slowed down because we're waiting to see if either of the kids' teams are in the playoffs, I thought I'd take the chance to post them now.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday's Games

Saturday was a scorcher here, 102 so I've heard. Unfortunately my kids had 1:00 games so you can imagine how much fun that was. Actually Bethany's team did well, although Bethany decided to play the character of the team, batting one-handed, laying in the grass in the out field and playing with her helmet at first base and getting out at second because she didn't run in time.

Honestly I was a little frustrated with her when she was not paying attention and got out, but now that I look back I realize she's five years old, it was way too hot, and she was not whiny and played hard still. She made the best of the situation and now I can see it that way and smile.

She also had 2 RBI's and came home twice so even though she wasn't playing seriously the whole time she did pretty good still.

Elisha's team on the other hand was an entirely different story. You could tell it was just too hot for them. Elisha got a hit in the 5th inning (yay!) and I got a good picture of it. You can tell though that he swung too soon, the ball going off the head of the bat right to the first baseman. Oh well, at least he's swinging and starting to gain confidence in doing it!

These pictures make me hot all over again just looking at them!

My Kids Amaze Me Sometimes

Okay, so yesterday I gave Bethany $1.00 as a reward for doing so well at her game (I know, I know sounds like bribery but it's a long story). Anyway, she carried around her $1 for a little while in her pocket. Later on she saw, Ms. Brenda, her kindergarten teacher, at the church campus (there was a women's conference going on) and she asked her if she could bless her. Bethany then gave her teacher her dollar and told her to go buy a water at the bookstore. Later on she asked me if I had heard that she got to bless Ms. Brenda. I said yes I did hear and I then asked her what gave her the idea. She said, "Mommy, Jesus said Ms. Brenda was thirsty and needed a drink. He said give her your $1 and tell her to be blessed and to go get water." Can you believe that? Wait till you hear this, Ms. Brenda told me she was just thinking before she came across Bethany that, "Man I'm thirsty, I wish I had $1 so I could go buy a water bottle from the bookstore."

My kids do amaze me some days!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Here's the Video I Promised

Yay! I got it to work finally!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Gonna be a Shiner!

I'm so proud of my boy. Tonight a ball was hit through the air into the field right to him. He squared up under it and we thought he might catch it, but he misjudged it by just a little and it hit him in the cheek. His coach was on the field as quick as a shot even though the ball was still in play. He came out crying but saying he was alright. We iced it and he got right back in the game. He had to bat second in the next inning, and just walked out there and swung for all his might. Everyone was surprised he came back in so quickly and kept telling him how tough he was.

At the beginning of the season I'm convinced he would not have wanted to go back out on that field. It would have made him scared of the ball for a while too. But there has definately been a transition in him in just these few short months and it's been amazing to see the confidence he's beginning to show and the ability to realize that wounds hurt for a few moments, but that he really can get up and keep going. Yes, I'm very proud of my boy!

Feeding the Ducks

It's becoming somewhat of a tradition for us to go and feed the ducks at the pond near our house on Sunday evenings. There is one condition though, they have to take a nap! It's funny when I tell people that they nap every Sunday afternoon the looks I get. I know they are 5 and 7 and starting to outgrow their nap time, BUT if they do not rest on Sunday afternoon, we are doomed the rest of the week to crying, whining, fighting, and the list goes on. So we have been "bribing" them with a trip to the park to feed the ducks and climb the trees every week. Plus it gets us all out of the house.

I just missed Bethany feeding this duck a small piece of bread.

I'm not sure if you will be able to see them once I post this, but I really liked this picture of the kids on the other side of the pond, just feeling free to be kids and explore.

Elisha is now big enough, or should I say strong enough to climb up in this tree. I has a long, low hanging branch that's about 5 feet off the ground. He's very proud of himself for his new accomplishment. Don't you just love those long gold socks!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Okay so maybe, just maybe we've started towards the right mechanics on Elisha's swing. Tonight he got 2 hits! He's got a ways to go to perfect it, but it's working! I tried to add a video of one of the hits, but unfortunately I'm having problems uploading it tonight. I'll have to try again later.

Here's a picture of him leading off of 1st base.

He also got to play 3rd base tonight (because his team was so far ahead) and loved every second of it!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Okay, so I have to admit it may be one of those you had to be there moments, but I cracked up so I thought maybe you would too.

Tonight Yohn asked to talk to Elisha because he was teasing Bethany. He came out of his bedroom screaming and yelling and so was sent to the door. When he came off the door he began to argue with Yohn again so back he went. This happened two more times until he could talk without yelling or arguing. They talked and then Yohn asked Elisha what he should do the next time mommy or daddy tells him to do something. Elisha responded with "Be happy." He said it with such a serious face and such conviction that we couldn't help but crack up. Or maybe it's been a long day and some things are just hilarious in those moments.