Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Whole Lotta Craziness!

It was crazy hair day at school today and so we had a lotta fun pulling off this year's looks!

See for yourself:

I love how, on days like this, I can get them to pose together for a picture with no problems. Make it a special day like Easter and they can't seem to smile or stand within an inch of each other without a problem.

First up, Bethany and her wild do...

Remember last year's spider? Well this year we decided to try a snake.

Here's a closer look. While I don't think it looked quite as good as last year, she did pull off a win with her little red tongued friend on her head.

And here's Elisha with his "Wild Thing" hair.

Crazy boy on one side....

...normal boy on the other!

Although looking at him later I really think it turned out to be more of a Two Face (an enemy of Batman) kinda look without the messed up face.

Friday, October 22, 2010


For as long as I can remember I've had a kind of aversion to cheerleaders (let me just stop and say here that I mean no offense to anyone who is or has been a cheerleader, just stating an opinion). I mean, I'm not the girly girl, jump up and down prissy sorta gal. Sorry, but that's just not me. In school I was quiet and conservative and never really felt the need to jump up and down and cheer. And honestly some of those cheers really annoyed me.

Now I'm an adult and get a little put off by professional cheerleaders. I recognize they work hard to know their routines and the things they can do really are amazing. But I just hate hearing the comments guys make to these less than half dress woman jumping around during a game. Ugh!

The other morning I was praying for an attitude change with my husband. Lately I've noticed I've let things slip in the things I say to him and I am bringing him down instead of building him up more often than not. As I was praying I was really trying to avoid saying I wanted to be my husband's cheerleader. It's the last thing I would naturally describe myself as. But then God showed me something I had never really seen before, I had just never put two and two together. Men are not just attracted to cheerleaders for their great bodies and their bubbly attitudes. They are attracted to the fact that someone is cheering for them. That even when they are losing and life gets tough or they are just facing a really hard moment in their life, that their CHEERLEADER is going to be there saying "Go Babe! Go! You can do this! You're a bigger man than that! Hold your head high! You're doing great!" My husband needs me to be his cheerleader. I need to take those pom poms and cheer him on, even when he's down 10-1.

What about you? Are you your husband's cheerleader?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oregon Vacation - Day 6

Beware, I'm warning you now this will be a long post. I thought about making it another two parter, but since I am sooo very far behind, I decided against it. Hope you don't grow weary of the pictures :)

On the road again....

...back to Baker City to visit Yohn's aunt, uncle and cousins. This is Mirabel, his cousin Amber's youngest. The last time we saw her and her family her son Nolan was younger than this little cutie.

Building forts under the piano. Nolan is in there too, but he's not a picture kid and decided to hide from me.

Elisha and Nolan playing tackle football with cousin Simon (actually Simon is Nolan's unlce, but he's Yohn's cousin, which makes him my kids' second cousin?).

While the boys played football, Bethany and Haidee made friends.

There I caught Nolan (kinda) when they came back in to play forts under the table.

Later on the kids were allowed to pick strawberries in Yohn's aunt and uncle's strawberry patch.

Bethany enjoyed sharing her berries with Haidee...

...which brought a big smile to her cute little face!

Just before we left it was photo taking time.
Simon, Yohn and Elisha

Then Nolan decided he should be a part of the "man picture."

Simon, Yohn and Amber

We tried to take a picture of all of the kids, but Mirabel would have none of it, so it was just the four older kids. Here is where it gets entertaining (at least for all of us anyways) and hopefully you'll see why this post was so overloaded with pictures. This first picture was the best I got. The rest....

...were slightly less perfect. But when photographing kids this is often what you get. Keep an eye on Haidee, K? First she's teasing her brother and gets no response out of him...

...then she targets Elisha. And who knows what Bethany was doing!

See her moving in there?

Moving in for the kill, er thrill, with much laughter from those of us standing by and watching.


Dog Pile!

Hit him with a pillow!

Then after we adults picked ourselves up off the floor and wiped the tears from our eyes from laughing so hard we tried again with the littlest one in the picture. Can you see she's still not havin' it?

So we just decided to take family pictures instead. Mirabel was so much happier in her mama's arms. Nolan however, is done.

Elisha and Bethany had to have a picture with their favorite cousin, Simon.

Then we added Amber in the mix.

Crazy face pictures. Well some were doing crazy face and some... well I just don't know what they are doing :)

Uncle Allen, Aunt Ethel & Yohn
We left sooo late that night and then had an hour drive back to my parent's house. The kids were asleep when we got back and were very easy to put to bed :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Project 365 (#210 - #216)

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Sunday ~ #210/365

This is the one and only picture I took on Sunday. We were trying to feed the rooster some bread in the parking lot after church. For some reason I thought I had taken a better picture, but this is it.

Monday ~ #211/365

Bethany continues to enjoy her gymnastics sessions, even though she is extremely tired afterwards.

Picking out her sticker for a job well done.

Tuesday ~ #112/365

Because my little girl loves to read so much, her teacher blessed her with some new books!

Wednesday ~ #113/365

This is the type of picture you get when I run out of ideas of what to take a picture of during the day and there is nothing significant going on :)

Thursday ~ #114/365

Family Night

We made pumpkin and oatmeal bars...

...the kids patting down the cookie crust for the bottom layer. Mmmm... these were good. While they cooked we watched Dude Perfect's newest record setting basketball shot and some funny animals clips on youtube.

Friday ~ #115/365

I spent the better part of the day trying to figure out what that thing was on my arm. Finally after it about drove me crazy I remembered it was where I burned myself when grease popped from the hamburgers the night before.

On a side note: I discovered how hard it was to photograph my right arm with my left hand. My camera is definitely set up for a right handed person.

Saturday ~ #216/365

Have I ever told you guys just how much I love this man? Well, I do - A WHOLE LOT!

Elisha's team is still undefeated, bringing their current record to 5-0. He has yet to get a hit this fall ball season, but has gotten on base due to walks several times. Since this is new to him (last year the coaches would come out and pitch if the pitcher threw 3 balls, so no base on balls at that level), he gets very excited to be walked.

Lots and lots of action in the out-field for my son today. It seemed like wherever he played that's where the ball was hit (or where the kids on the in-field made their mistakes) and I am happy to report that he knew right where to throw the ball each time :0)

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