Sunday, November 27, 2011

Counting These Gifts Given to Me...

No pictures again this week... but I really liked doing it and plan to rectify this next week!

1. the way the kids interact with their friends

2. the stillness of the clouds

3. silly voices coming from the other room (and being thankful they are getting along!)

4. praying for our sponsored children and the ones who will received our Operation Christmas Child boxes

5. hot meals

6. seasonal crafts

7. listening to a small child in daycare break out in song during each puzzle we put together

8. being off work

(obviously this is not the same day as #7)

9. watching the wind blow the leaves off of the trees

10. Groupons to Sky High!

11. the kids excitement over their surprise

(going to Sky High)

12. being able to hear

(we saw deaf people signing to each other while at Sky High)

13. $15.00 gift card to Food Maxx

14. making pumpkin cream pie with the kids

15. listening to Elisha and Yohn play Ready 2 Rumble

16. playing Othello with Bethany

17. Bethany's excitement over being able to (almost) play "This Old Man" on her keyboard

18. letting the kids sleep in the living room and the "Hurrays!" it gets

19. sleeping late

20. knowing that MIL has the Thanksgiving meal covered

21. playing games with the family

22. watching football

(we don't have cable or satellite or anything besides a DVD player so this is a treat)

23. the kids playing with their grandma

24. safe travel

(even though we didn't go far)

25. hearing Bethany play her recorder and her keyboard at the same time

26. reading a book

27. the colors of the leaves

28. getting free camp chairs from Craigslist

29. the smell of ham cooking

30. putting up the Christmas tree

(although it still has to be decorated, at least we got it up!)

31. watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas together

32. scoring a great deal on Shutterfly

(3 photo calendars for only $15.00!)

Now what about you?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Counting These Gifts Given to Me...

1. being able to participate in Operation Christmas Child this year

2. the kids' excitement over filling the boxes

3. the slight snore and "sleep breathing" coming from the kids' room

4. the kitten who won't leave the rubber bands on the OCC boxes alone

5. blessing and being blessed by another even though we are hundreds of miles apart

6. sweet notes from my kiddos

7. the kids' new love for reading

8. the perfectly warm sunny day

9. a quiet evening with the kids (meaning - no fighting)

10. the way my kids really are best friends

11. the people I work with

12. fixing lunches for my kiddos

13. Friendship Stew at the school

14. lots of little "indians"

15. Gene's 51st birthday

16. Sunday mornings

17. donuts

18. dropping off the OCC boxes

19. praying for the children who receive the OCC boxes

20. playing video games together

21. having dinner as a family

22. no school this week

23. reading the evening away

Monday, November 14, 2011

Gifts Given to Me...

1. watching Elisha's team and smiling at how much they have to learn

2. a nice evening at home with my family

3. my children's laughter

4. when my girl climbs up in my lap

5. writing down my gifts

6. Bethany's excitement over being invited to play the xylophone in the school Christmas program

7. sleepy kids who fall asleep watching a movie

8. the kitten who is forever being "mauled" by my children

9. friends

10. Elisha being excited about basketball practice

11. leading my lifegroup

12. feeling God's hand in my life

13. teasing my husband :)

14. listening to Bethany play the xylophone

15. snuggling under a blanket

16. whispering children who should be asleep

17. a sleepy child who falls asleep under clean clothes

18. having a day off from work

19. having time just Yohn and I

20. free pizza

21. joking and laughing with my husband

22. being able to watch Elisha's game

23. Elisha's excitement over getting a steal and a rebound

24. grocery shopping with my girl

25. laughing at her insistence she have red apples

26. laughing at the fact that she couldn't wait to get home to eat one and had the lady at the Starbucks wash it off for her

27. putting together a puzzle with her

28. chocolately smiles

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Day Supergirl Learned She Couldn't Fly

This post is alternately titled, "I Can Relate to Humpty Dumpty."

Why? you say. Well even though I don't resemble an egg and I don't break into a million pieces when I fall, it still hurts, as I am sure it hurt poor Humpty.

Anyways, on with the story. It was Halloween day and it was also costume day at the school. I was wearing this, hence the Supergirl reference.

The preschoolers were getting ready to do their costume parade and realized I had forgotten the extra batteries for my camera. When I went to get them I was distracted by something I had to tell one of the teachers. After telling them their oh so important message I headed back to the preschool. Upon reaching the gate I realized a second time I still hadn't gotten the batteries. So needing to hurry I jet out of the gate in front of the preschool and snag my shoelace on the gate.

Now since I am a "double knot girl" my shoelace did not give.... meaning it held steadfast just the way it was supposed to. Remember I said I was going to "jet out of the gate"? Yeah, that really didn't work for me with my shoe snagged on the gate and all. So as I sailed through the air I hear one of the kindergarteners say, "Ms. Ruth is trying to fly like Supergirl!" Uh yeah, right into the pavement. I was told later though, that I was very Supergirl-like just before I hit the ground. Nice. At least I had the form down.

It gets worse though. As I hit the ground I know that I just did this wonderful flying act not only in front of the kindergarteners AND my son AND his classmates who were also at recess, but also his teacher and a parent who was outside waiting for the preschoolers to do their costume parade.

Yeah, nice huh? A week later and one knee is still bruised. The other is healed and thankfully my hands really didn't get much of a beating.

Even in all that pain and embarrassment I rolled over on the concrete and laughed, because what else was there to do? I learned two things that day.... Supergirl really can't fly so well and Humpty Dumpty must've really been stupid to be on that wall.

And I still tie my shoes in double knots.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gifts Given to Me...

This week I almost didn't remember to write my gifts out daily, but before bed each day I'd remember and take some time to reflect on each one. They truly are gifts and I am glad I have taken the time to see them.

1. hearing my daughter sing her own praise music (meaning a song made up by her) from the bathtub

2. costumed kiddos (see previous post)

3. Bethany catching a lizard during trick or treating (again see previous post)

4. a nice warm evening

5. talking of the stress with Yohn

6. encouraging Elisha to keep on trying and not get discouraged in basketball

7. crazy hair day at school

8. pictures that help me remember these precious times

9. disciplining and learning to be patient

10. having Bethany wanting me to read to her still

11. book orders and how excited the kids get to see them

12. halloween candy

13. laughing at the fact that the guinea pigs squeal every time they see me (hoping for some nice yummy treat)

14. getting a card made by my girl

15. kid's drawings

16. lifegroup and late night talks

17. small hands that leave doors open

18. big hands that might be guilty too

19. pajama clad children past noon

20. listening to the rain

21. my children's laughter in the back seat

22. an almost too big kid who still thinks she needs to sit on mama's lap

23. purchasing the remaining items for our operation Christmas Child boxes

My bloggy friend Kate, has been doing this for four weeks now and I am so excited for her. Also my IRL friend Debbie has joined in the fun!

Next week if I remember, I might just incorporate pictures in with this, I think that might be fun.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Costumed Kiddos

I shopped online for the kiddos costumes this year, which may have saved me a few $$, or not. I'm not really sure. I do know that I hate going into the stores to look because more than likely my kids pick a costume that they don't have available in their size. Shopping online meant we could look at costumes from home and they could decide what they wanted without feeling like they had to choose something just because it was in their size. I loved their costumes this year. Definitely something they will play in later.

Fake muscles and all this boy was a force to be reconned with!

The gloves were designed to be worn just like boxing gloves or to be worn around the wrists so it looked like he had gloves on but could still trick or treat. He opted not to do this as they were kind of irritating this way. Still, you know he's gonna have fun with them later!

Look at this and tell me, is this not just perfect for her?! I couldn't believe she chose this to begin with but it definitely goes with Bethany. She loves to be herself. She loved this costume too. Too bad that darn crown kept braking. I'm gonna have to find a solution so she can play with it sometimes. It got us through pictures and a few visits to people who counted before we retired it to the car to keep from carrying it around.

The weather was perfect. Not too cold, and no rain, not a cloud in the sky.

Of all things this kid went and did she caught a lizard early on in our trick or treating excursion. First she scared the woman, whose house she caught it at and who told her to please keep it. Then she told every single house (at least 15) in between then and her decision to finally let it go. Crazy kid.

We had so much fun trick or treating this year. We took Harmony and Elisha's friend A and the kids were perfect together. It cracked me up though how A kept trying to keep up with Bethany. Uh yeah, when there's trick or treating to do, you'll never beat her to the door!

The best part of trick or treating to Bethany though is to be able to give all that candy away to her friends (who I realize, don't need it) and her teachers. She's got such a giving spirit and enjoys making others smile!