Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Summer Highlights ~ Part 7

I gotta hurry up and get this series done cuz' it's definitely not summer anymore (although last week's 90 degree weather would belay that remark). Truthfully I thought I was coming back around to the bloggin' groove again but then two more weeks have passed by in silence on my part.

Anyways, another annual tradition of ours is visiting Six Flags Discovery Kingdom each summer. The kids get their tickets for free through Six Flags' Read to Succeed program and since I am the school coordinator, I get mine free too! The kids both know it's up to them if we go and since we only go once a year, they do their part in earning their ticket!

We took a few of their friends with us this summer. 
(In the picture you can see Elisha with his arms out and Bethany on the right in the purple, Jewell and T are in the middle of them) 

This kid is bumper car crazy! She's a lot of fun but I had to keep her from doing more than one head on collision with another car. No only is it "not allowed", it really hurts!

Superman crazy!

 A butterfly landed on my stomach in the Butterfly room. They had so many different kinds and some of them were sooo big. Bethany kept trying to get them to land on her but was much too active to succeed.

They actually had a porcupine out to pet too, but because we went with the snake first (it had no line) they took the porcupine away and without letting the kids get so much as a glimpse of it. We were a little frustrated about that one. Bethany chased the lady with the sloth too, but we couldn't figure out where she was headed to set up so the kids could really get a good look at it and gave up trying. 

The frogs are a tradition with Elisha and he insisted they ride again. Bethany was complaining about riding "a little kid ride" and would not let me get a picture. My question is, why did she bother to ride at all? It's not like we made her. Methinks, she secretly wanted to ride it but did not want to let anyone else know it. In fact Elisha's friend T rode it too, even though he proclaimed that it was a baby ride.

Ride on Elisha, until you decide you are too big you just go on and enjoy being a kid!

We've missed the elephant show every year but this year we got to see them both. Such magnificent creatures, this one even "high fived" the kids!

Mavin the Martian made picture taking fun!

Yes, we live in California, but it seems like every year we pick the coldest day to visit Six Flags. The weather was in the low 60's most of the day and it was mid August. Don't ask, I do not understand our weather. Fall/spring weather most of the summer and summer weather in the fall.

Anyway, I declined to ride this ride for two reasons: 1) my camera was gonna get wet and you know that's not gonna happen if I can help it. And 2) it was cold and my camera getting wet was a good excuse not to get wet. :)

They did enjoy the ride, for the record, but I ended up hiking to the lockers for their sweatshirts immediately afterwards because they were all shivering.

Daffy Duck! I think we took pictures with Bugs too, but I didn't feel like going back to see if I just forgot to upload it.

Yohn and Elisha rode the new Superman ride together while I took the other three off to ride some different roller coasters and rides. T and the two girls were too short for the Superman and once they found out how long Yohn and Elisha had to wait in line for it I don't think they minded being left out.

We finished the day with funnel cakes and then left as the park was closing. It was an exhausting but fun day, especially since T said he'd never been to a real theme park. The kids loved the mix of rides, shows and animals. An A+ kinda day!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Summer Highlights ~ Part 6

After vacation the kids had a week off and then they attended VBS at another church. They attend this VBS every year and have friends there they look forward to seeing. This year's theme was No Fear Factor.

Unfortunately I didn't get as many pictures of VBS as I usally do. This one is from parent's night on the final day of VBS. In the background is the waterslide they build each year for the kids to enjoy. You can tell they have a lot of fun with it and really look forward to playing on it.

The week after VBS was kids camp, which Yohn and I help run. This is another annual event our children really look forward to.

This year they helped lead in worship and have since joined the children's worship team at our church.

Lots of water play is scheduled in our days at camp.

 And also some very interesting games!

 While our children enjoy time with their friends they often take a few minutes to spend time with Yohn or I as well. Here's one of our down time moments, right after dinner one evening. They both needed a little attention after an exhausting day.

This beautiful waterfall is available to view only if you sign up to go on the 3 mile hike up the mountain. Lucky me I was chosen to chaperone the kids who wanted to go. I don't mind hiking and I love the falls. But since the temps were in the 100's and once there we only get to spend about 45 minutes, it kinda makes it an event I don't always look forward to. 

Since there is no shower for the kids at our camp ground we always stop at this pool to, uh, well, clean them up a bit before returning them to their parents. :)

Then a milkshake before finally returning home. Believe it or not kids who have gone in previous years really look forward to these homemade, not a McDonald's or Dairy Queen shake.

See those circles under his eye though? Yeah, most of the kids look like that at the end, and so do us counselors. We really wear them out good and they love every minute of it.