Thursday, May 30, 2013


The kids' worship team performed in the sanctuary again this past Sunday. They did the song "Forgiveness" by Toby Mac. Check it out!

Forgive the bad videography. I'm using my stubborn camera because it does the best videos indoors but unfortunately it got stuck a few times. Bethany is in the blue on the right (although I didn't realize she was going to be that far over and cut her out a couple of times), and Elisha is in the yellow in the center.  

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Just Pictures

Well, in reality there will be some words too. :)

Yohn and I in San Francisco, for our anniversary get away.

We visited the Mirror Maze and had a blast. It was crazy and you had to be careful not to bump into the mirrors.

We also took the opportunity to eat at Bubba Gump's. It was okay, but I think the scenery there was better than the food. It was fun looking at the memorabilia and seeing all the waiters and waitresses in various forms of Forrest Gump shirts. See the sign above? If all is well at your table then you leave the sign on Run Forrest Run. But if you need something, like a refill, etc. Then switch the sign to Stop Forrest Stop and they come right to your table.

We went hiking on Good Friday and spent the entire day outdoors. This cave was a ways up and Elisha had to climb to get to it.

The kids love the caves where we go. They also love the lizards and the creek. 

Easter pictures!

Our family pictures were hard to take due to the weird timer on the new camera. We didn't really get that great of a picture of all four of us.

The kids were excited for the first Kids Fly Free of the year. Hopefully we'll be able to catch a few more this year.

Mother's Day at the Elephant Bar. Bethany was excited that we got to sit at the table under the big elephant. 

We had some fun with the basketball hoop and a ladder.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thought I'd Disappeared, Huh?

Nope, not entirely anyway. While I haven't been blogging much I have been around. If I'm following you, you may have even gotten a comment or two. :)

Here's a glimpse into our lives last week:

Elisha and Bethany and the school band have worked hard towards this spring concert. They played really well. It was the first time the school has decided to do an outside concert and the turnout was a good one. People from the church came to give their support, a big plus!

Oh and forgive the labels in the corner please. I had already edited the pictures for my screen saver and didn't want to do it over again.

The whole band. Elisha is on the left and Bethany is in the first row, fourth from the right.

Bethany and their class pet, "Dude".

Elisha and his creation.