Friday, July 30, 2010

Oregon Vacation - Day 4

On Thursday morning we planned on going to see a friend and her family but she had a case of the stomach flu. Since those plans had to change we decided to head to town (since my parents live out in the country) and each lunch and have ice cream at DQ.

Then it was off to the park for some fun.

I love how this picture of my girl turned out! I had to lay on my back under the play structure to take it and ended up with a bunch of wood chips all over me, but it was worth it :)

King Daddy pretending to be dead and everyone is mourning his passing.

The weather was not really warm enough to play in the water, but when you are six and eight throwing rocks and splashing about is fun even when you get too cold.

Bethany's rule is the bigger the splash the bigger the fun!

Water fight!

Bethany thought this rock looked like a loaf of bread. She took this rock back to my parent's house and gave it to her Grandpa Henry. He was so thrilled.

Yohn and I both got in the fun by skipping rocks and seeing if we could throw a rock across to the opposite bank. No pictures of me though because I didn't want to hand the camera over.

Bethany did not particularly want me to take pictures of the two kids together so getting a good shot was kind of a headache. And I didn't realize it at the time but the camera was primarily focusing on Elisha who was closer to me so Bethany is kinda blurred.

All in all it was a fun and enjoyable day. We took the kids to the library afterwards so we could double check some things on the internet and they didn't want to leave afterwards. It made me laugh that something as simple as the library would be so much fun.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Oregon Vacation - Day 3

The weather this year in Oregon was much cooler than usual, and even though we are all in shorts and t-shirts, or in Bethany's case a summer dress, it was still rather chilly. The kids played outside off and on all day but no without a complaint or two that is was kinda cold. Mind you this was not cool just because we live in California, as our own weather was not much different before we traveled north.

The kids loved climbing back and forth across this fence. Because the cow on the other side is generally friendly it was no big deal for the most part, but Yohn and I still warned them that they couldn't go over without an adult.

Since Becky, the cow, was preganant this warning was a good one because the next day she started pushing the kids away and growing rather irritated with the other calf that shared the field with her.

My dad wasn't feeling too well on this day either, and since we had not really made any plans to go anywhere, we let the kids play their games in the trailer for a while. I still don't understand how Elisha could be so comfortable like that.

I believe this is the night we played "Peter Pan", sword fighting each other with some sticks Bethany had found. I was victorious!

Kick 'em while they're down I always say. No I'm kidding, we were just playing around and Yohn snapped a picture. Elisha thinks it's funny and wanted me to be sure and post it.

I love this picture of Bethany lounging on her daddy.

I think at this point either Elisha or Yohn were taking the random pictures of Bethany with her sticks and the dog. Believe me when I say I weeded through them and only chose a few.

No we don't abuse our children on a regular basis, it only looks that way!

I think this picture of Elisha about to pounce on Yohn is funny because it almost looks like I cut him out and put him on this background.

Yes, I believe it was Elisha taking the pictures because while Yohn's photography skills are not the best, he'd have least gotten Bethany in the picture :)

My mom and I made bar cookies earlier in the day and this is what they looked like. Yummy! They were gone by mid-morning the next day because everyone had a hard time staying out of them. That's what vacations are for right, enjoying ourselves? Well that's exactly what we were doing while we devoured these cookies!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Project 365 (#133 - #139)

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Sunday ~ #133/365

Since Elisha got his Nintendo DS, he had had little use for his V-Smile so Bethany has nabbed it and is enjoying being able to use it without permission :)

Monday ~ #134/365

Elisha and Bethany had their first day at Day Camp (basically VBS) at another church. They go every year; this was Elisha's 5th year and Bethany's 3rd attending.

Tuesday ~ #135/365

The kids made tags with their initials in hieroglyphics.

Wednesday ~ #136/365

Bethany spotted this crane out her bedroom window sitting on a nearby fence. I snuck outside and did my best not to disturb it so it wouldn't fly away before I snapped a picture. This is the best I could get.

Thursday ~ #137/365

I have now pulled in the lead in our (mine and Elisha's) star war on Super Mario DS. I am now 5 stars ahead and convinced that Elisha will never catch me. He thinks otherwise :)

Friday ~ #138/365

We now have ten poppies in bloom and twenty-five more getting ready to go. Bethany is super excited and I am glad they took off so fast. This really has been a good beginner flower for her.

Saturday ~ #139/365

Buying supplies for Kid's Camp next week. This is Elisha's first year going with us and we almost forgot he didn't have a sleeping bag. We picked up a noodle too for him to float at the lake with.

Next week is sure to busy too as we leave for camp on Monday. Please keep us in your prayer that everyone will be safe, we'll have no car issues, and most importantly that this week at camp will be life changing. Thanks!

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Funnies - An Old Woman

If you haven't seen this before, prepare to laugh. If you have, watch it again, you know it's funny!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oregon Vacation - Day 2

Tuesday we laid low and did basically nothing. Well the kids did things all day long, but Yohn and I just did nothing and enjoyed ourselves tremendously. We did go for a ride in the mule to the end of the road to get the mail.

And we spotted this bird of prey (because I can't remember what kind of bird of prey it is) at the top of the pole where one of the farmers put a platform to encourage them to nest cuz' ya know they keep down the critters that destroy the crops. It was feeding the babies and we all sat there watching it for a few minutes.

Bethany went with Grandpa Henry to gather the eggs, even the dirty ones! Don't worry, she washed her hands right afterwards. She was very proud to be able to do it mostly on her own and actually got the eggs practically every night we were there.

She tortured played with the dogs on and off all day long.

Elisha brought out his football and convinced us to play catch with him (of course I stood around taking pictures more than playing).

And Bethany wanted me to take a zillion pictures of her and Abbie.

The kids did not forget the desserts! Last year we had root beer floats quite often, so it's what they expected when Grandma Judy offered.

Couldn't leave the big kids out either.

Yeah, nice try Mom but you are still in the picture even if you are trying to hide behind that glass!

And then it's off to bed in the fifth-wheel which was to serve as our home away from home for the 9 1/2 days we visited.
Making silly faces is a daily thing in this family :)