Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tax Return

We got our taxes back today! Yay! Let me just tell ya though, God's timing is always perfect on these things. See this guy:
Not that good looking kid but the animal that belongs to him. Well he got really, really sick and the only reason the vet saw him is if we paid the whole thing when our taxes came back. Let me just tell you it was a pretty penny too! The things we'll do for the ones we love and by that I mean my kid, because as much I as love that cat, I never expected spending money like that on him. But one look at that boy when he's all distraught because his kitty's on the brink of death and you do what you can. Actually we did prepare him that he just might have to say good-bye if it cost too much more, but thankfully he's bouncing back nicely.

We did treat the kids to a lunch and a movie today too! But I think Bethany should come with a warning label for those few times when I forget that mixing an already hyper 6 year old with extra sugar in a quiet movie theatre is just asking for her to bounce all over the place, re-position herself several times, attempt to swing from the nearby railing, and swing her feet around erratically. Yep, they should put warning labels on kids like that. But just in case you wanted to know, Toothfairy is a funny movie and worth seeing, but I think older kids, like 8 and up, would enjoy it more. Elisha loved it and Bethany, well, when she sat still long enough to know what was going on, seemed to like it too.

The following is a joke Bethany made up today while we were waiting for our meal at Mimi's:

What did the chicken say to the cow?

You're too big for me to eat so I'm just going to run away screaming!

The mind of a six year old. Sometimes you just can't help but laugh.


drawingcloser said...

Bethany's well on her way to having an awesome sense of humor like her dad's!

Anonymous said...

Love those tax returns! We file the old fashioned way, so ours will be a few weeks coming. I'll just put it away to pay land taxes with anyway. Taxes, taxes...

Your kitty looks a lot like my mysterious cat, Prissy. I love tuxedo kitties. I love all kitties--that's why I have 17 of them :)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Wow, that was quick! We just got our done and have the money put away in our heads. Steve is going to get Lasiks done. That costs a pretty penny, but it will make his job safer in fires.

Steve took five of the kids to see Tooth Fairy while I was at scrapbook camp. I couldn't believe he was so brave. He said he was in the bathroom the whole time! LOL! But the kids had fun.

Michelle said...

That Bethany! She cracks me up! :)

We're expecting our tax returns this week, but it's all ready gone. Glad to hear your kitty will be around a while longer!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...


So glad your tax returns came in at the perfect time (I'm sure your cat is, too). We just got our tax returns, too and we were shocked at how much we are getting back, lets just say it's enough to start our new addition on the house. Whoo, hooo! We thought we'd be saving for years. God is soooo good!

Thanks for the movie recommendation, too! Good timing since Josiah just lost his first tooth!

christy rose said...

I am glad that Elisha's kitty is getting better. You are so right. What we will do for our kids! :)

That is a pretty good joke for such a little girl. She has got some wit! :)