Monday, March 7, 2011

Elisha's Birthday Pics

Since his birthday was on a Friday, he got to celebrate at school. He's been asking for one of these cookie cakes for a long time. I saw the basketball one and thought it was perfect.

His whole class jumped in for a picture too!

Later that night we celebrated with Grandma Yvonne, who happens to share a birthday with him.

We ate out a Mimi's and had a great time, even though they crammed us all into one booth.

Then on Saturday it was off to Sky High for some fun with family and friends.

Trampolines everywhere make for some great bouncing fun!

But bad lighting and constant movement make for some not so great photos.

Still you can see how much fun it was, even with the blur.

And the foam pit was one of Elisha's favorite things!

Then we headed to Denny's for dessert, the happy birthday song and presents.

By the smile on his face, I think it's safe to say, he thought it was a great day.
(And yes, he wore the same clothes two days in a row because they were "his favorites". It was his birthday, so how could I say no!)


Anonymous said...

Sky High looks like a great place to burn off energy! I've never seen a place like that.

It looks like Elisha had a busy, fun-filled birthday. Oh, and by the way, I love your husband's shirt in the photo (I love my wife)!

Together We Save said...

Wow - that place looks amazing!! Glad your son had a wonderful birthday!!

Keeslermom said...

Sky High looks awesome! My kids would love that place! And the fact that they'd be exhausted at the end of the day would make Mama pretty happy too!