Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bethany's Birthday, First Day of School and Stuff....

Guess I'll start first with the "stuff". A lot has been on my mind lately. One of them being this blog. While I don't really desire to pull the plug on it, I do desire for it not to consume me so much. So this past week or so I've really just taken a break. Stepped back to re-examine things. I love having this blog and reading other blogs, but I may not be around as much. And if I am, some things may be a little different. No more Project 365. I loved it, but I'm tired of it and it's really not at the top of my list anymore. I'll still check out other 365'ers and their blogs but as for me, it's gone. Who knows, it may come back, but I doubt it.

My kids are in a major transition phase right now. Especially Elisha. It's interesting how they morph and change right before your eyes. He's pulling away some, but wanting more hugs and attention at home. Bethany is finding herself too and noticing and taking to heart what others say to her far too much. Guess I'll have to do some praying on how to help her through that because I really didn't handle it well myself as a kid and I know it affected me as a teen. But I have Yohn to fall back on too. She has a strong daddy figure I didn't have at her age who, I believe, is going to be instrumental at this stage. I can't believe she is eight.

I also can't believe that ten years ago today I was wondering what kind of a world we were bringing Elisha in to. Scary stuff. Still scary if you think about it too much. I'm so glad God provides peace in those moments.

We celebrated Bethany's Birthday last month on the Saturday before it, since her birthday also happened to be the first day of school. She wanted to have a swimming party again, so that's what we did.

You can't tell she was happy that day can you?

Waiting for the swim break to be over.

No mommy picture because I forgot to get out from behind the camera. Oh well.

First day of school and Bethany's actual birthday...

They love having shoe pictures :)

3rd Grade this year!

4th Grade this year and his room is up the stairs!

Bethany's class wishes her a happy 8th Birthday! (I don't know why there are cheeze its on the table though)

We took our little girl out to eat later that evening. Bethany took this picture, that's why it has a little camera shake. Still, at least you know for a fact I was there now! :)

Elisha and Bethany played a tank game. Do you see their faces? They thought this was the best!

She asked me to take this picture of her sleeping after her "bestest birthday!"


CM said...

Aww, your kiddos are adorable as ever! They look so happy on their first day.

I suppose changes are inevitable. I struggled in middle school too, worrying about what the other kids said about me. I think the best thing is to be there for her as her mom. The other girls can be mean sometimes. She will look up to you for direction. Give her confidence to believe in herself and not worry what others say. Just my thoughts :-)

Anonymous said...

I've been missing you, and feared that something had happened! After so long together, I look forward to our "chats" via comments. I also noticed that you hadn't posted.

I know what you mean about "being consumed". While I enjoy blogging, sometimes I do feel consumed by it--and I don't have a family to raise!

I hope you will still blog, even though not as much, I miss hearing what's going on with your lovely family.

I look back at raising our own children and shake my head...It's a jungle out there! You'll survive, though, perhaps with a few more gray hairs :)

The Bug said...

I'll miss your P365 pictures - but as long as you keep us posted every now & then I GUESS I can live with it :)

Love how happy Bethany looks for her birthday. I kind of decided to be a nerd bookworm in response to my fears about what others thought of me. It was kind of like, ok then, I'm not one of the popular crowd so I'll show them by not caring! But it helped a LOT that I was naturally introverted & didn't really want to be included in their stuff.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Congrats on the the kids' first day of school. They look terrific as always! Those kids know how to keep us guessing, don't they, LOL!

He & Me + 3 said...

It looks like they had a wonderful first day of school and that Bethany had a great Birthday and birthday party. She is getting so big. I guess that is what happens when you turn 8! Happy late Birthday Bethany!

Rachel said...

Aww - looks like she had a marvelous birthday! And I love that they are excited about school!

Thank you so much for that dear comment on my "worried about kindergarten" post... I didn't have a way to reply to you, but wanted you to know that it touched (and comforted) this Momma's heart!

God bless you!

laughwithusblog said...

I'm so glad we have pocket cameras these day to be able to capture and forever treasure these moments!

sara said...

I hope your fall and beginning of school is going well!! I understand about blogging and the time it takes. And if God lays on your heart to have to listen! continue taking pictures of your family and your days will be so glad you did when they (and you) are older!!!

and if you ever get to the point of jumping back in..Please do!!!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I've had to stop and reevaluate my blog time as well. It has been good. Not being on here as often has given me more time to spend with the Lord and with the kids. All six of mine seem to be in some sort of "stage". It is difficult to keep up with all the twists and turns of parenting. if I don't keep my head in the game, I know that I'm not doing my best.

I'm proud of you for your choices! Thanks for the birthday wishes for Marcus.

Kate said...

Your children are beautiful and I just love it when you post pics of yourself too :-)