Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Whole Month?!

How did a whole month just practically get by without a blog post? Crazy. Anyway, sorry about that but there is thing with me obsessing over my blog that I am trying to avoid so now I guess I let the pendulum swing in the opposite direction.

Where was I again? Oh yes, an update. A long update, but a much needed update nevertheless.

Elisha's 10th birthday party was a success! Nine kids total for an overnighter. One went home at about 8:30 bringing that total to eight. Eight kids in our teeny, tiny house. It was an adventure to say the least, but it was fun.

They jumped on the brand new trampoline...

...they played video games...
(don't look at the mess that is my house please!)

...they ate food...
(but far less than I expected, ironically)

...and they had fun helping us in celebrating our son's 10th birthday.

A week after that we found ourselves in Disneyland, but that Friends, is a whole post, or two, in itself.

We also took an extremely short trip to Malibu. Again, another post for another day. Maybe.

The kids are both also taking track this spring instead of baseball and softball. I think they are both trying to decide if this is really something they enjoy or not.

Both seem to want to be sprinters, but uh... well let's just say I think they may be geared more for distance. However, with a lot of hard work, they may surprise me yet.
(Sorry about the distance on this shot. I didn't take the time to edit these pics.)

Oh and somewhere in between his birthday and Disneyland, Elisha got a haircut. He decided to do it, not me or Yohn. And although I am not a fan of boys with long hair, it was actually kind of growing on me and then he did this. Ah well, it's his hair afterall.

I also got a new camera in February. I'm not liking it much though. If it wasn't for the fact that my old one started malfunctioning so badly I would probably switch back to it. Boo!

Also, I know you don't see it in the track pics but we have had some awful track weather. Two meets, two cold drizzly, rainy, windy meets. Two meets where my kids were trying their best to stay warm between competitions while devouring all the food I packed and asking for more. Yohn and I were smart enough to invest in that Sport Bella you see in the above picture and it has been a HUGE blessing to all who take shelter under it! :)

That's all for this little update. Until I blog again....


The Bug said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun during that month you were gone. Don't stay away as long next time!

Anonymous said...

I've missed your posts, but I can see that you've been a tad busy!

It's nice to catch a glimpse of what you've been up to :)

I always loved your old camera! It took the greatest pics! Perhaps, in time, the new one will grow on you...

Mom Of Many said...

Hey I just wanted you to know that although I can't mention it publicly on the blog, our special forces son isn't comfortable putting his baby girls pic on the we'll have to settle for little glimpses of her every now and then...his job is such that the reality of their safety is always a until that changes, i'm one bummed Mimi.xo