Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer Highlights Part 1

I realize that another summer has come and gone, but I wanted to add a few posts of our awesome summer memories on the ole' blog. So without futher adieu... our summer highlights part one.

We had an awesome night of celebrating 30 years of marriage with this much loved couple!  

 We watched the Heat win the championship this year! Elisha was so excited, however, he was sad for Kevin Durant and James Harden, who he decided he liked a whole lot as well.

Not all of us followed every minute of the game. Bethany could care less who won or lost and so I helped to keep her entertained while the boys were enthralled in the tv.

Shortly after the finals Elisha discovered he loved basketball cards and visited a card shop for the first time. Here's a purchase he made with his own money. He and I have been trading cards, since I used to collect them before he was born. So I have the old good player's cards and he has the new ones. It has made for some fun times and great bonding between us.

The kids decided to make a public confession of their faith in Jesus by being water baptized.

 As you can see, their dad got to be a part of the process!

Sooo proud of these two!

More to come...


The Bug said...

I often have a hard time pulling for a team because maybe I like someone on the OTHER team (or they're the underdogs). This does not apply to baseball - it's the Red & Braves all the way.

Aw - love the baptism pictures! I wish there were pictures of my baptism - on the other hand I didn't really like my pastor at the time, so maybe that's ok - ha! Your kids are so lucky their dad got to be involved!

Anonymous said...

It looks and sounds like you all had a great summer!