Saturday, December 1, 2012

Catching Up... Sort of...

Okay, so leaving off with the last post I'm going to cover fall and kinda, sorta be caught up. There's still Thanksgiving to cover and another event, if you could call it an "event" that I'll post about soon too.

On a side note has anyone else ran out of space on their blog so they couldn't post any more pictures? Yeah, I have. Which is part of the reason it has taken me so long to post this one, cuz I wasn't sure I want to pay a monthly fee for pictures when I haven't been blogging all that often. All these pictures are links from my photobucket account to keep from having to pay here. Although I have heard I can fill that one up too and then have to pay there as well, so this isn't a win all situation, but it works for now.

Elisha had a report to do on Cougars. He got an A+ on his written, an A on his oral and an A- on his poster. He was super exicted!

We took our annual field trip to the pumpkin farm with the kid's school. This was Elisha's last official year, although he's asked to go next year anyway. We'll see.

Pumpking carving that weekend and we toasted the seeds too. It's funny the kids don't really eat the seeds, but they still insist we toast them. Go figure.

All of the pumpkins together. Clockwise from the bottom: mine, Bethany's, Yohn's and Elisha's. The kids carved their own this year with just a little bit of help. I'm still slightly nervous of turning them loose with a knife. 

We made caramel apples this year for the first time. They were good, but I'll try a different reciped next time.

Crazy hair day at school during sprirt week...

Bethany's idea was to have Mickey surfing the waves on her head. It didn't work out quite as she envisioned, cuz I really don't have the "hair-do skills", ya know. But fun nevertheless.

Costume Day! Elisha was Hulk Hogan this year and Bethany was a girl Ninja Turtle. Elisha's costume came with Hogan's mustache too, but we saved it for Halloween Night.

The kids earned their first Book It pizza prize for the month of October by reading their required minutes. Bethany had to read a minimum of 200 and Elisha had to read 300 minutes. Bethany read for an actual total of 353 minutes and Elisha squeaked in with his 300 minutes exactly. Can you tell which one of my children likes to read more?

We went mini golfing on a groupon I got for a slammin' deal!

There is nothing wrong with Bethany's arm, she just loves to dress up with that sling!

Friendship Stew at school, another annual tradition that Elisha will be outgrowing next year. Good thing he'll still be on campus and can "pop in" if he really wants to come.

Operation Christmas Child boxes to be taken to the drop off center. We saved and bought things all year for the items inside. The kids definitely love this way of giving to other children and are trying to figure out how they can do more boxes next year.

Like I said, I still have Thanksgiving and "other news" to share hopefully later on this week! Hope to catch ya then!


Rachel said...

We love Operation Christmas Child here too! Well... I do. My son is still kind of figuring out why we have to send all that fun stuff away! :) But he prays for those kiddos and is excited to know they will be unwrapping them!

Love your kids' crazy hair day pic - that is priceless!

Happy Christmas season!

sara said...

So great to see your post on my blog! I am sorry I haven't been over here in a while....I haven't been visiting many blogs lately, sadly. I hope to be better with that!!

I would love to know about how you linked up photobucket. If that works I will cancel the "fee" I am paying each month!!! do you mind stepping me through it?

Kate said...

You are the third person I've read who has blogged about photo space issues. I haven't encountered that yet. I don't post a lot of pictures anymore though.

The kids are getting so big! Loved that everyone carved their own pumpkins :)

Elisha's coat is the same as Julie's! And your husband's shirt? Awesome.

Have a beautiful day!

The Bug said...

Someone I know got the same email & she did some research & found out it was some kind of Google glitch. I don't know if that's true or not - I ran out of space a couple of years ago & am grandfathered in to pay $5 per year for extra storage.

I would have LOVED to have one of those reading challenges as a kid! I think we did one in school one year - some sort of inchworm thing. But a summer challenge would have been fabulous for me.

So now I have to wait to find out about your extra event. Hmm... :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't encountered running out of photo space yet, but I'm getting close. I'm not thrilled about paying either!

I love your jack-o-lanterns! The kids obviously inherited your talents :) I enjoyed "catching up" with your family. I'm always thrilled to see a comment from you.

You asked about Brad and Jennifer, they live about 55 miles away now. I miss having them just down the road, but I understand. Still hoping they'll move back one day though. Brad works all over the place, and at the moment his job sight is only 30 miles away from us, that's how he manages to stop by sometimes.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

For some reason, I couldn't get you pics to show up, but I'll try again later and see if it will work. I ran out of space awhile ago, but I feel it is worth $5 a year to still be able to post pics on my blog. So far, the fee hasn't gone up.