Thursday, May 30, 2013


The kids' worship team performed in the sanctuary again this past Sunday. They did the song "Forgiveness" by Toby Mac. Check it out!

Forgive the bad videography. I'm using my stubborn camera because it does the best videos indoors but unfortunately it got stuck a few times. Bethany is in the blue on the right (although I didn't realize she was going to be that far over and cut her out a couple of times), and Elisha is in the yellow in the center.  


CM said...

Oh my, that was adorable! And what a cool, contemporary song to perform to! I love Toby Mac!

Anonymous said...

The kids did a great job! So many hand motions to remember. I'd never make it :)

PS I enjoyed your comment on my blog, concerning athletes as role models:)

Our oldest son always held athletes (NBA/NFL) in high esteem while growing up, and it drove me crazy! He wanted to be like Michael Jordan, and had to have the shoes...