Tuesday, July 23, 2013


As tradition would have it we went to the annual 4th of July Parade. I wonder though, how many more times Elisha and Bethany will want to go? We don't ask, it's just what we've done every year since they were teeny, tiny and they just expect it for now.

Admit it, we're a cute couple! :)

Don't let them fool you, they're not really waving to be friendly they just want the candy!

Cuz' what's a parade without candy?

And a parade without horses would be no parade at all in Bethany's eyes.

Speaking of Bethany's eyes... This kid cracks me up!


The Bug said...

You guys ARE a cute couple :)

Those eyes are freaky!

Anonymous said...

It's a bit sad when the kids get to old to care about parades (especially if it means going with their parents). I hope you have a few more years before that happens :) Maybe it never will!