Thursday, November 21, 2013


The basketball season has just began around here and my son's team is two games in. This is the third time he's played basketball. It would have been the fourth, but we skipped last season. This year is different though, this year his best friend T is on his team too!

Not the greatest of pictures I know. Gyms aren't known for their great lighting. Neither I am known for my ability to adjust controls on my camera. Elisha is on the left looking for a pass.

A few photos after the game...

And what's a game without a captive audience?
I say that while I sit here and laugh because really, only Harmony wanted to watch the game. The other two sat and played DS or goofed off.

Ice cream afterwards!

Look! We were there too!

It was a sad start to the season as the boys lost by a landslide. At one point they came back having us believe they were really going to make a game out of it. Then the other team took off again (point-wise) and
the Saints never had another opportunity to catch up.

Welcome to Jr. High ball boys!


The Bug said...

Love the pics of Elisha & his buddy after the game - & of course you guys with your spoons :)

Sharon said...

Love the ice cream pic! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Boy does this post bring back a lot of "basketball memories".
Now my former basketball player has bad knees and has a hard time playing. Of course, he has two 'little ones' of his own, and one of them already loves "hoops" :)