Thursday, January 2, 2014

More From New Year's

These are from our New Year's "Duck Dynasy" style photo shoot:

I don't look so great in this one but Bethany just cracks me up!

Crazy Rednecks! Ha! Ha!

She gives me some of the best facial expressions!
And yes, that is her toy gun that she thought would be a great addition to our little theme. Of course we couldn't bring real guns to a public park without the cops getting called on us, but her bright yellow and orange gun really does add to it! :)

Always so easy to photograph, he was excited for this "photo shoot" and pretty much knew what pictures he wanted to take and how he planned to pose.

We definitely had fun with this one!

Our New Year's family photo became a new tradition a few years ago. Last year we decided to theme it and the kids have given me ideas to theme this year's on and off the past few weeks. We decided on Duck Dynasty because there are three DD fans in the house (Yohn, Elisha & Bethany), two family members have matching shirts (Yohn and Bethany), and one dressed up as Uncle Si for Halloween (Elisha). Given all that, even though I'm not hugely fond of the show I do have camo pants and a shirt to go with it, so we went for it.

To see 2012 & 2013 photos just click on the links. 


Ally @ Even Miracles said...

Too funny ! Love your daughters expressions :)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I LOVE IT! DD is the best show out there right now. Love this beards! Faith, Family and Facial Hair! Wishing you all a great 2014!