Sunday, September 28, 2014

My Daily 5

I started posting five things that I am thankful for each day on facebook as a challenge to a young man we are currently working with. I'm doing it so he has the motivation to do it too. I thought I'd post them here as well, and add pictures where I can. Although I did start my counting a while back ago, hence the reason the numbers are off...

342. Watching Elisha perform with the worship team

343. Getting organized (believe me, it's long overdue)

344. Working with Bethany on her science project and learning to let her do it herself

(it's supposed to be a heart model)

345. Quick dinners

346. Getting an awesome song stuck in my head:


Anonymous said...

I've been reading some of your daily 5 on FB. So glad you are putting them on your blog, as well :)

I'm always thankful for quick dinners, too!

The Bug said...

Great idea!