Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Thoughts on Today (and Yesterday)

Elisha had his knee surgery yesterday and they told us everything went perfect. That's great news I know, but man the recovery ahead of us is daunting. Six to eight weeks on crutches and the physical therapy they have asked us to begin today hurts a bit. Good times.

The tv has been on non-stop today and is beginning to drive me nuts.

(yesterday, after being home an hour or two)

Because Elisha couldn't eat yesterday until after his surgery, we all - including Bethany - fasted with him until he could eat too. Unfortunately Bethany had bad headache and stomach ache afterward which lasted through this morning. She conned her dad into staying home today too and if wasn't for the fact that she wouldn't/couldn't eat anything until early afternoon I would have called her a faker since she begged all week long to stay home with Elisha the day after his surgery and I kept telling her no.

Despite the fact that Bethany stayed home when I believe she probably didn't need to Elisha kept asking for her to come and sit in the room with him, so I guess he needed her after all.

(Bethany yesterday, after I took Elisha's photo, doing her best to look pathetic too)

Elisha is still in a lot of pain and taking two pain pills at a time. I'm not a big fan of pain meds but it's better than seeing him cry, which is what he was doing along with being extremely emotional until we upped it (per doctor's permission).

Elisha's knee is in a brace that keeps it straight and will keep it that way for the six to eight weeks he's on the crutches. He'll be home again tomorrow as he has to keep it elevated for 48 hours which will not end until 5:30 pm tomorrow. Which means tomorrow will be a juggle for Yohn and I as we try to balance who will be home with him at what times.

Track started today but Elisha will miss the entire season and he's a bit sad about that. Bethany missed her first day of practice as well because 1) she stayed home "sick" and 2) Elisha could not be left home alone and since Yohn was working this afternoon I couldn't go anywhere with her.

(Elisha today during his afternoon nap)

Elisha got a new pillow case (you can see in the pictures above) from the hospital that someone sews and donates to the kids. He thinks it's pretty awesome.

Because Elisha has to have his medicine every four hours, it's gonna be another long night as I will need to wake up to give that to him. Fun times I tell ya, fun times.

And just so you know, this post is not meant to complain. Not at all. we are blessed beyond blessed and have a great many things to be thankful for. I just needed a way to process my thoughts and what's been going on.

Although, we still appreciate your prayers!


The Bug said...

Bethany reminds me of me - I was always trying to figure out how to stay home from school (& work now - ha!). Even though I really liked school & I love my job - I just like home better :)

I have a friend who had knee surgery who told me that you should always take the pain meds & sleep as much as possible after surgery - your body needs the pain-free rest to begin the healing process (she figured this out the hard way by being too stubborn after her first surgery). But it's a delicate dance for sure.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Man, your poor kids have really been through the ringer lately. When it rains in pours! Hugs to you guys and speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit late in visiting and seeing this, but I hope Elisha is feeling much better, by now.

PS Bethany does a good 'pitiful' look! She looks worse off than Elisha.

Kathy (from Reflections by Kathy)