Saturday, February 20, 2010

Build A Bear

We have a little tradition we started in 2007. The Saturday closest to Valentine's day (but not after it) we take the kids to Build A Bear.

Now three years ago they got to pick out and stuff these bears. But since I am not going to buy them a new bear each year and accessories we just bring them back each year for new clothes....

...and "baths"...

....and any necessary repairs. Bethany's stitching came undone on the back of hers so we asked if they wouldn't mind fixing her for us.

Then they have fun picking out new items for their bears. This year was the fourth year we have gone so Teddy and Princess have a decent sized wardrobe now and can be seen sporting many different styles.

This year Elisha opted for the "rocker" look for his bear. And Bethany chose baby items, including bear sized diapers with holes in the back for the tail.

We ran into someone Yohn knew after we left so while he chatted, I took pictures of the kids in front of this fountain. I think I may be visiting this fountain again for some photos. I really like how the background looks.


christy rose said...

What a great idea for Valentines for the kids. And taking the old friend for a doctor visit and a new outfit is a great idea too instead of getting a new one! I like it!

Michelle said...

I missed one? I really truely missed a post? How did I do that???

I love watching family traditions and yours are awesome! I would definately bring the kids back to those fountains.

Kimberly :) said...

Do the bears get a real bath or a pretend bath?