Monday, February 22, 2010

This is What We Do When... or more of the kids is busy learning fundamentals at practice :

1. Play DS while laying in grass (Elisha also found an old friend from last year who is the sibling of one of Bethany's teammates and together they tortured his other sister)

2. Photograph the setting sun (can you guess which one of us would be doing that?)

3. Gather sticks for a fire (cuz' we were all so very cold!)

4. Play with field equipment we probably shouldn't be playing with in an attempt to put out the above (pretend) fire

5. Volunteer to help out (this is more Yohn's thing as more of the dads are on the field and I'd rather just stand around taking pictures of him)


CM said...

Ha ha ha, way cute!!! Love the picture story, very creative. The best is your daughter pretend putting out the fire!

Michelle said...

What is Bethany wearing? It looks like a vest on backwards! She's too funny. That setting sun is beatiful! Love how you got the sun flare in there!

And I hear an alarm clock going off. That means it's time to warm up to the car.

Be blessed my friend

christy rose said...

Great picture story. I like to do those on my blog too. I like to be the one that takes the pictures instead of be in them too! :) You have some really great ones here. I especially like the one of Elisha laying in the grass.

Amanda said...

Pretty beautiful sunset!! Actually, all of those pictures are lovely!