Thursday, March 4, 2010

Silly Girl

Recently I switched to my March screen saver (yep, I have a file for each month of the year with pictures that happened during that month) and noticed a theme with one of my children:

This is Bethany age 3, out at the baseball fields, and this is how her face looked the entire season.

And this is opening day, during Elisha's second season (when she was four).
And who could forget last season's craziness:

Wearing her new helmet and Daddy's jacket during one of Elisha's games. Notice the dirty face.

Playing the outfield, or should I say, looking for ladybugs in the grass while she was supposed to be playing the outfield.

Being a real "party animal" at a friend's birthday party.

This what she would do after she struck out, every. single. time. (For the first ten games or so)
And my favorite:

Entertaining herself on Opening Day while waiting in line for pictures.

And since the month has just begun, I have only taken a limited amount of pictures. But here's one from Saturday while we were doing our little Uniform Photo shoot:

Yep, she's a character! And I wouldn't have her any other way.


Michelle said...

THAT BETHANY!! See, I knew I had a reason for always saying that! Is it just me, or is her hair getting curly?

Have an awesome weekend!

Oh, and I think doing the 365 picture thing is a great idea!

Kaleena said...

She's such a ham, isn't she! Looking at those pictures reminds me of my Paisley. Most of my pictures of her are just like those of Bethany.

By the way, those skirts you sent us at Christmas? Paisley LOVES them. She's been wearing one of them to bed at night! Lol. She said it makes her feel beautiful:)

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh those pictures are so funny. She is so cute and her eyes are gorgeous. Love that almost all of the pictures her mouth is open...she is having so much fun!
Love that you have files for your desktop. Great idea.

Amanda said...

OH my gosh... you had me giggling all the way up to the end... but there is something about that last picture!! SHe just looks like a beauty. A natural, tom-boy, works as a mechanic but should really be a super model beauty!! Good luck with that. ;)


Kimberly :) said...

She'll always be my little "B-baby." And I will forever be her own personal Kimba.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Those pictures are great, LOL! Thanks for showing us more of her personality.

Amanda said...

Ha! Is it possible this is even MORE cute the second time around?? Those kids of yours are precious!


christy rose said...

She is just absolutely adorable!!1 Love that most of her pictures have her mouth open. I find that my kids do that too. LOL