Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Easter morning came in our house with much excitement. See...

Had I realized Yohn was taking a picture I would not have been in the way. But still, Bethany's face is priceless.

Elisha apparently developed an allergy to taking pictures with his sister on Easter morning, or maybe it was the camera, I don't know. What I do know is that he could smile with the best of them until I tried to take an actual picture, then he suddenly itched everywhere and his eyes watered.

After three attempts I gave up.

This is the best that I could do.

Mmmm.... Candy.....

Still having picture taking allergies. See the squinty eyes and the crooked smile. He was whining he was itchy the whole time.

Bethany even offered to take a picture by herself, just to show him how it was done.

Not to be outdone he had to have his picture taken by himself too. Too bad he sneezed his way through it.

One final attempt at getting a good picture of the two of them together and I gave up. They started fighting too much.

Later on after church we attended the church's annual Easter Egg Hunt at the park across the street. 10,000 eggs and who knows how many kids. I lost Bethany in the shuffle but Yohn had his eye on her the whole time.

Now I get smiles as two very happy children show off what they have collected. And yes it was sprinkling, hence the reason for the hoods.

After that we went to lunch with friends and then, due to a lack of feeling well, I came home and went to bed. Actually I watched a few movies and whined a lot. Cuz' Yohn lets me get away with whining when I'm sick. And since he's such a baby when he's sick too, I figure I'll take advantage :)

Update on me and my illness (hey, it's my blog): I'm feeling much better. Unfortunately my handsome man is now sick and whiny....
On a side note: I notice I used the words whiny and whining when describing most of the members of our household in the post. We must be a family of whiners!


Michelle said...

Awww, poor Elisha. Does he have allergies? Or was he getting sick too? I hope y'all get to feeling better very soon!

Bethany looks so cute in that dress, but the expression on her face in the first dress pic is just priceless! She looks like she'd rather be anywhere else then in that dress!! (Can I braid her hair now?)

Elisha sure is handsome with his hair combed too! Your kids are so darn cute! Can we be neighbors???

McCrakensx4 said...

Too funny cuz we are a bunch of whiners too! Love love love Bethany's dress...my fav flower is the daisy! And I am with you at how hard it is to get a decent pic of the 2 of them! Glad you are feeling better though...no fun being a sick mom!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Poor kid! My Marcus has allergies, too. It really stinks!

Bethan's dress is adorable!

Anonymous said...

yes, the pic of Bethany's face is priceless...she loved her basket apparently! Your adventures taking those pics brought back so many memories...Glad you are feeling better ((hugs)) Kathy

Amanda said...

I love them! YOur kids are so precious. And those expressions are priceless!!!


He & Me + 3 said...

love the excitement on their faces. Our family whines all the time too. Big fun! Love their Easter best. Super cute. HOpe that everyone is better soon.

christy rose said...

Your kids looked adorable. It looks like they enjoyed Easter despite all of the whining! LOL Hoping you are all feeling better now!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Glad you are feeling better. Love Bethany's dress! You really did feel my Easter picture taking pain. Urgghh! It is so hard to get two of them to cooperate. I feel bad for my sis. Can you imagine trying to get six kids to smile? Yikes!