Sunday, April 4, 2010

Project 365 (#21 - #27)

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Sunday ~ 21/365

An evening at the Marina presented lots of photo taking opportunities.

Monday ~ 22/365

I was score keeper during Elisha's Monday night game so getting photos is harder from the scorekeeper box. The evening was dark and gloomy too as rain clouds threatened the whole time making the lighting really hard to work with. So while it's not the clearest picture it's the best I got. I like the way the fence frames my boy.

Tuesday ~ 23/365

I won this from Kathy at Reflections during one of her weekend giveaways and it came today. Thanks Kathy!

Wednesday ~ 24/365

Bethany and I at her game Wednesday night. She wanted me to wear eye black too because her coach suggested to the girls that it would be fun if the parents did it too. Yeah, I think he's out to get me, what do you think?

Thursday ~ 25/365

Since the school where I work is closed on Good Friday, we always have our preschool's annual Easter Egg Hunt on the Thursday before Easter.

Friday ~ 26/365

Our anniversary is on Easter Sunday this year so we headed out of town a few days before it to celebrate because we wanted (and needed) to be back for Easter.

Saturday ~ 27/365

One more shot of the ocean before we left Santa Cruz Saturday afternoon. It was cloudy and cold the whole weekend, but we still had fun just spending time together without the kiddos or any responsibilities.

Wanna join in? Just stop by Sarah's blog to find out the details.


sara said...

I really, really miss being at the ball park with my kids!!! such great memories!!!

Happy Anniversary!!

Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary!
Awesome pictures!
Hugs, andrea

He & Me + 3 said...

Great pictures this week. I love the one that you took through the fence. Great job! Happy Anniversary too. How fun!

Michelle said...

What a great week! I love the lighthouse picture. You and Yohn are so cute together.

Happy Anniversary!! :)

CM said...

Happy Anniversary!

Love the shot of the fence framing your boy and the pic of you and your daughter with the black eyes!

McCrakensx4 said...

Great week! Love the pics by the water...the light house is a beauty! And a girl always looks better with eye black...right?! The Fence pic is awesome...I too love the way it frames him! Hope you have a great week and Happy Anniversary!

The Bug said...

The lighthouse picture could be a postcard - lovely! And I LOVE that wind chime - so pretty.

Tori said...

Love the pictures by the water.
Happy Anniversary!!
The eye black is an interesting thought for the parents. :)
Have a super week!

Kaleena said...

Great pictures, love the windchime (but I love the sound of windchimes!) Happy belated anniversary to you and Yohn...hope you had a nice time away:)

I posted some pictures of the girls in their Easter know, since you were counting the minutes!

Amanda said...

Each of these shots is so amazing... it just kept getting better and better!! Well done!


The Davidson Den said...

Love the Marina shot of the kids. So picturesque. And the baseball one is cute, too! I agree about the fence being the perfect frame!

I think you look cute in your eye black. AND so supportive! Right?

Glad you got to get away with your hubby. These things are necessary.

Great week!