Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kid Fest

Okay so I know this post has been a long time a comin' as we went to Kid Fest on Memorial Day but, I have been busy with so much other stuff it's not even funny. So without further ado...

Kidfest 2010
(beware there's a lot of pictures)

We love seeing these birds every year. One roller skates, on raises a mini flag, one talks and does all sorts of mimicking sounds, etc. We've seen the show so many times, though, that Yohn and I can almost predict what comes next. But the kids love to see it and so we sit and watch. I know Bethany secretly hopes to be one of the kid volunteers one of these years.
This bird is the youngest and the most "un-trained" but he was so funny as he showed off how beautiful his wings were.
We stopped by the clown and got a few fun balloons. Elisha, as usual, requested a sword.
And Bethany got a flower. I couldn't decide which picture I liked better so I just used both!
After that the kids chased down Mama Bear from the Berenstein bears...
...so they could take a picture with her!
And we viewed small farm animals from behind a fence. Usually you can go in and pet them but I know that's not really good for them with so many hands in there, but you could pet them through the fence.
We didn't get to see the police dog demonstration because he was out on a call during his scheduled time, but we caught up with him later and the kids were thrilled and asked for a picture with him.
We banged on drums at some table that I can't remember what classes they were trying to get the kids to sign up for.
I was not going to pay for tickets for rides because the ride averaged out to about $3.00 each and for two kids to ride one 1 minute kiddie ride is just about ridiculous to me. I'm kinda cheap like that. But someone heard us telling them no it costed too much and gave us a lot of tickets. He said someone gave almost twice that much to them but their kids (who were littler than ours) needed to go and take a nap so they were leaving. Needless to say, our children were blessed with ride tickets.
So they giggled their way up and down the frog hopper!
See the girl next to Elisha? She just hopped right up there with him and he was like what in the world are you doing? Then he began to loudly whisper, "Mama! She's sitting next to me!" When her dad saw he didn't really want her there he insisted that she go sit in a swing by herself.
But Bethany came to the rescue, offering to let her ride with her.
And, as you can see, they had a lot of fun together!
And Elisha enjoyed the seat to himself.
This was an advertisement from Astound, but the kids couldn't resist playing in it. Too bad we had to "kindly" tell the salespeople we were not interested in their salespitch.
By far this is my favorite part of Kidfest and I think our kids look forward to it every year as well. It's called Circus Imagination and the kids have a blast. This particular time Elisha was cast as a lion, but he has been a tiger and a clown in the past.
See the boy in the monkey suit at the right? He was on Elisha's baseball team this year and we were surprised to see him there.
Such well trained circus animals, but wait! What else can they do?
If I didn't see it myself, I'd swear they were dead! :)
In the four years (I think it's been four) we have been watching this show (and the kids participating) Bethany has always been a Butterfly Ballerina.
I didn't get as many good pictures of her because there was a dad in front of me who kept putting his camera right in front of mine :(

Face painting is a must, even when your parents do not want to stand in the sun and wait 20 minutes or so... This is Bethany's growling tiger face.

Elisha wanted Spiderman but did not want his whole face painted and settled for a spider.

Yohn and Bethany played in the funny circus mirrors while I sat at a distance in the shade and watched. Thinking back I wish I had gone over there cuz' that coulda made for some crazy pictures.

They played in this inflatable house filled with balloons for quite a while. I think part of that is because there's a constant fan blowing and so they really had a chance to cool down even while they were still very active.

The kids spotted Batman and chased him down for a photo as well!

They enjoyed some time at this inflatable soccer kick game, although none of us could seem to figure out how to score a goal (they were all up really high).

And we ended our day with Ice Cream at Baskin Robbins just down the street. And after dinner (yep, we had dessert first on this fun filled day) the kids crashed hard. The End!
I warned you it was a long one!


He & Me + 3 said...

I wish we had something like that around here. How fun for them and so cool that someone gave them their tickets so they could ride the rides. I would not have paid those prices either. Crazy. Loved all the activities. My kids love to get their faces painted too. Cute. Looks like a very fun day. Baskin Robbins is always good...before or after dinner. YUM

Michelle said...

It looks like a fun day for everybody! I wish they had something like that here. James always gets bored at those kind of things and we end up leaving early. Now, I can enjoy these things with the kids and stay as long as I want! I guess there's an upside to everything. :)

McCrakensx4 said...

Wow...what a busy and fun filled day! My boys would love to have something like that in our town! I wouldn't have paid that much either,how nice to be given some. And those last pictures make me want a mint choc chip cone!

Anonymous said...

What a fun day for your kids! I love those birds doing tricks. Every activity looked like loads of fun, and you captured it wonderfully in your photographs!

Have fun on your upcoming vacation! Wow, you are going on a long one... We're back off to the beach for the weekend of the 4th. A different beach this time.

I love my new camera, but haven't learned how to use all of it's features yet. It's a kodak z981. Love those easyshares!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That just looks like a blast! So glad you guys had another fun Kidsfest. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon :)