Saturday, June 5, 2010

Project 365 (#84 - #90)

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Sunday ~ #84/365

Elisha has taken a sudden interest in basketball and now wants to shoot, dribble and watch it on the computer as much as possible.

Monday ~ #85/365

Every year on Memorial Weekend our city has Kidfest, and we've made it a tradition to go. Here they are with one of their favorite, Batman!

Tuesday ~ #86/365

Bethany tortures her poor cat on a regular basis and this is often the look he gives to Yohn and I. I believe he is saying "help."

Wednesday ~ #87/365

When walking out the door to go to school on Wednesday morning Bethany put her backpack on backwards and proclaimed herself to be a kangaroo. I couldn't help but take a picture!

Thursday ~ #88/365

Elisha had his team party. Their trophies this year were huge! Tell me, Dear Team Mom, just where do you expect us to put this thing? Oh well he likes it, and that's all that matters, right?

Friday ~ #89/365

Jewell's team made the playoffs and we went to watch the game. They lost, but won on Saturday so they are still in it since it's double elimination. I wanted to get a picture with all of the kids and they insisted on taking it in the scorekeeper box. The sun was shining in and washed out some of the picture but I thought it was still cute and changing it to black and white brought back a little of the definition.

Saturday ~ #90/365

I'm so bored without my sports! Woe is me!

There you go! Hope your week was just as exciting (or un-exciting, however you choose to view it) as ours was. Visit Sara's blog for more great 365 projects.


Lisa said...

B-ball is a great past-time for a and accessible!

Wow, that trophy is large! It'd be tough to even find a box to store it in.

Don't you love kids imaginiations, that a backpack can turn them into a kangaroo? Cute.

Have a great week!

He & Me + 3 said...

My son is in love with BBall too. When he sees a hoop he shoots.
Wow those trophy's were huge. We only get medals in our leagues.
Love the kangaroo shot. Too funny.

McCrakensx4 said...

HUGE trophy! Thankfully ours are A LOT smaller than that!! Wow! Too funny about the cat's look! And by boys are kinda bored without their sports not so much! But football will be here soon enough! And love that B&W pic...stunning with the sun streaming in! Looks like a great week! Hope you have another!

Tori said...

I love how kids go from one sport to the next! Mine are walking sportscasters it seems. (the boys)
I love the kitty pic. When I first saw the backpack shot I thought the kitty was going to be in there too! I think the kangaroo is probably more cat friendly!
I love the picture in the scorekeepers box! Would that be the same one you stayed dry in a few weeks ago?
Have a super week!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of your son looking bored! The kangaroo backpack was cute, too.

Kim said...

Great photos. Commentary is great too :D Especially with that last one. lol

Amazing what pets will put up with, when they love their "masters" :D

Have a great week!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Your son would get along great with my two older boys. They are basketball and football nuts!

Unknown said...

What sweet smiling (for the most part) faces.

Boys and summer boredom...Oh no!

Blessing and good luck at keeping the crew entertained!

Ladynred said...

Great photos. Love Tuesday, Wed. and Friday. Sports is fun!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Great pics of the kids! So glad they had a good season again.

The Davidson Den said...

Cute kangaroo!!

Whoa. That is a very big trophy for such a little guy. Hmm...what IS one supposed to do with trophies anyway??

I love the pic with all four kiddos. It's cozy.