Monday, September 6, 2010

Project 365 (#154 - #174)

Okay so before you read this I realize it's up a whole day late. I'm sure you probably also noticed that it contains about three weeks worth of pictures. I am sorry for that but with my computer giving me so many problems I had a hard time posting and then it had to go and get fixed and there was another week gone by. I had debated whether or not to even continue participating because I was so far behind, but decided since I was still taking pictures that I really didn't want to give up that easily. So keep in mind that these pictures are from the the 8th of August through the 28th and I'll post the 29th of August to current in next week's 365 Post. I hope the length of this does not bore anyone!

So without further ado...

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Sunday ~ #154/365

Yohn and I started this study together and are loving it! I've already read it, but I just can't seem to get enough of it. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a deeper relationship with God.

Monday ~ #155/365

VBS at the Baptist church next to our house started tonight. Their theme this year was Saddleridge Ranch. The kids had so much fun that they couldn't stop telling us about all they did even when they were supposed to be in bed.

Tuesday ~ #156/365

There's Bethany's poppies again. Official count for this picture brings us up to 46 flowers. To say she is excited about how well they have grown is an understatement.
Wednesday ~ #157/365

Please forgive the bad quality of these pictures, but indoors at night at a distance doesn't always make for the best shots. These are taken at the church. The kids are singing their Saddleridge Ranch song at the closing of VBS for the night.

Thursday ~ #158/365

Forgive me, but I still haven't re-installed my photo editing software or I would have zoomed in on this picture some. This is a Farmer's Insurance blimp that passed by the school I work for in the late afternoon. After running to get my camera this is the shot I got after it was already heading out of our area.

Friday ~ #159/365

It's the last night of VBS and the kids were encouraged to dress up as cowboys and cowgirls.

Saturday ~ #160/365

Yohn and I watched some kids for a church event and Bethany, another boy named Victor and I all worked together to build this castle out of Legos.

Sunday ~ #161/365

We bought the kids' new school shoes the day before and I allowed them to wear them to church on Sunday morning. It was a very big deal, so we had to take a picture.

Monday ~ #162/365

Elisha pulls ahead once again in the race to see which one of us has the most stars in Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo DS. In this picture he has 50 and I have 49, but it didn't take long for him to get the upper hand and I am still struggling to catch up!

Tuesday ~ #163/365

The walnuts on the tree are coming in nicely. Too bad the squirrels run off with most of them!

Wednesday ~ #164/365

I saw these flowers in the empty lot behind our house when I pulled in the driveway one evening and knew a certain little girl who would thoroughly enjoy them.

Thursday ~ #165/365

You want me to do what? Hold still? Impossible!

Friday ~ #166/365

I found these at the store and bought them for the kids for a pencil box. I know they are old school lunch boxes but just because that's what they used to be used for doesn't mean they have to be now. I know Bethany's isn't as girly as most would expect but some of you have been following long enough to remember Bethany's obsession with R2D2 and that I had to make her a costume last year.

Saturday ~ #167/365

Somebody got a trim!

Sunday ~ #168/365

It's time for Aqua B.L.A.S.T.! Our children's church started this annual tradition last year (that they hope to continue for many years to come) that the last Sunday before school starts they have the whole outside courtyard set up like a mini water world. The kids love it! You should see them worship soaking wet in swimming suits, so cute!

Monday ~ #169/365

I finally got my computer back over the weekend and this is how many e-mails I had when I realized I should take a picture. The original count before I started deleting was somewhere around 570!

Tuesday ~ #170/365

Yohn had all four wisdom teeth taken out! Poor guy. He was on two pain meds and an antibiotic.

Wednesday ~ #171/365

First day of school for the 2010 - 2011 school year!

Thursday ~ #172/365

One of the things I forgot to do was back up my screen saver file, so here I am trying to find August photos so I can have my slide show screen saver back.

Friday ~ #173/365

It's a sad day in our house, Christopher's Pizza is closing its doors forever. The owner of this restaurant was Elisha's first baseball coach back when he was 5 years old and in the pee wee division. Thankfully we'll still see him in church, but we are really going to miss this pizza!

Saturday ~ #174/365

Bethany wanted the zoo for her birthday and so since her birthday was on a Sunday this year, we went on the Saturday before and had a blast! This lion even came out and posed for his adoring public!
Well that's it, three weeks in a nutshell and still more to come. Next week I'll post two weeks worth and then should be all caught up and back on track! Until then, pop over to Sara's blog for more 365 posts!


sara said...

I am soooo glad you stuck with it!!! we all have periods like that and it is hard to jump back in some times...glad you did!!!

looks like you had a fun end to the summer!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you posted your pics, too... I always marvel at them! Plus I feel caught up with what's been going on during your absence.
New school shoes, now there's a memory engrained in my brain! I used to love getting that new pair of shoes :)

The Bug said...

Oh wow that's a lot of email!! I feel stressed when I have 100.

Your kids are so cute - I think my favorite picture is them in their cowboy hats.

Michelle said...

Love all the pictures! The lego castle was awesome. I bet the kids loved the new shoes. Water world sounds like a blast. Glad your computer is back up and running. Hopefully you'll get all your software back on it. Bethany's not allowed to get a haircut before I get to play with it! Whew... I knew there's a lot more to comment on, but I can't remember them all. Oh, and my boys did Saddleridge Ranch VBS back in June. Way fun. John still sings those songs.

Hmm, wonder if God is trying to tell me something with your word verification: marys

I'm so glad you called on Sunday and that we got to talk. You are such a blessing to me.

CM said...

Ha! How long did those pics take to post! How fun!

Aww, look at the back to school photo. So precious!

He & Me + 3 said...

Where to comment. OMWord these are by far my favorite weeks of pictures. Love the picture of the dog and the lion and the kids first day of school picture is so cute. Wow those are long ponytails...Love the VBS theme too. CUTE.

Together We Save said...

Wow - these pictures are great!! Thanks so much for sharing.

McCrakensx4 said...

What a busy few weeks you have had and I hear you about not having a computer...I went through that last November & December..not fun. You got some really great the one of the dog and your water fun at church.

The Davidson Den said...

Looks like you've had a whole lot going on lately!!

Love those old school lunchboxes. My son would be going crazy for those!!! He is so INTO Star Wars right now. (And he's never even seen the movies! Ha!)