Sunday, September 12, 2010

Project 365 (#175 - #188)

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My last catch up post (too bad I didn't have any mustard to go with it, ha!), and then next week it'll just be a one week 365. Sorry it's gonna be a long one again.

Sunday ~ #175/365

It was Bethany's actual birthday and we had some friends and family come and sing happy birthday and share cake and ice cream with her.

Monday ~ #176/365

One of Bethany's birthday presents from us was a gynastics session. This was her first class and she learned to do a bridge.

Tuesday ~ #177/365

Forget the fact that my daughter just got some new clothes for her birthday. No, she has to wear her brother's old clothes because she loves them so much :)

Wednesday ~ #178/365

We got a new (used) couch. This picture actually makes it look kinda stained, but it's really not. It is soooo comfy AND reclines on both ends.

Thursday ~ #179/365

Elisha had to change his black shoe laces for his white ones. He has since decided he likes the black ones better (please don't look at the unvaccuumed floor, K?).

Friday ~ #180/365

Fantasy Football drafts. We draft a little later so we can check out the pre-season stats. This year I am not the only female in the group - yay!

Saturday ~ #181/365

Our boy had a friend who wanted to play baseball for the first time so then Elisha decided he needed to play fall ball too. With that decision also came the fact that he had outgrown his cleats.

Sunday ~ #182/365

The view from out porch: The cross of the Baptist church next door with the setting sun shining on it.

Monday ~ #183/365

Happy Labor Day! The kids sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" during the seven inning stretch at the A's game. It was sooo hot.

Tuesday ~ #184/365

After finding out they had miscalculated our son's age I headed down to the league office to find out why he wasn't on the same team as his friend (they'll allow you to choose teammates in fall ball) and our boy had his first practice on the right team.

Wednesday ~ #185/365

It looks as if we are not going to have the Indian Summer I was suspecting we might get. After a rather usually cool summer, the leaves are falling early for our neck of the woods. Fall is announcing its arrival.

Thursday ~ #186/365

I had the kids clean out this small section in front of our porch to put the rocks they have collected and had given to them over the years. It beats the old pan they had them stored in.

Friday ~ #187/365

The Ten Commandments came from Netflix today and the kids were excited. They have since been playing Moses and his life and it brings a smile to my face when I hear them out in the yard yelling, "Let my people go!".

Saturday ~ #188/365

This is my favorite picture of Elisha and his friend Anthony in the dug out on Saturday, waiting for their turn at bat.

Whew! There we go, two week worth and I'm all caught up! Thanks Sara for letting me join in!


McCrakensx4 said...

Great couple of weeks. That birthday cake looks yummy...hope Bethany had a great day! And fall sports are so much fun..we are in the midst of football season here but I wish we had fall like weather...such as life when you live in the desert! I love new/used things...most of our house is that! And that cross is absolutely beautiful in the sunlight. Hope you have a great week.

sara said...

these pictures were great!

I love the one of the kids singing at the ball game!!!

no fall here....we are still in the HIGH 90s!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Great pictures. i love all the baseball related you know we love us some baseball.
Glad Elisha and his friend got to be on the same team
Happy Birthday to miss Bethany. Cute cake.
Fall is here too

The Bug said...

I enjoyed all your pictures this week. That couch looks super comfy - does it pass the nap test?

Loved all the pics of your kids - I'm glad they're enjoying their "fall" so far.

CM said...

Oh, what a fun update!

You guys are the best parents! I can just tell :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of the little girl sticking her tongue out. It reminds me of my grandkids.

Anonymous said...

So many interesting photographs! Bethany looks like a "natural" at gymnastics. Oh to be able to make one's body bend like that...
Enjoy that new couch with recliners--that's be best kind :)

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Bethany (again). Why are your kids collecting rocks? I love the placement of them though. Glad Elisha got put on the right team. He looks good in his outfit and new cleats! I think fall is coming early here too. Usually we don't see cooler weather until October!

Sounds like a busy and blessed 2 weeks. Glad you got all caught up! :)

H-Mama said...

Awww... Happy birthday to your sweet girl! It goes too fast, right?

We are far from fall here. Sigh...

Together We Save said...

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful pictures!!

Tori said...

Love Bethany's expression in her brother's clothes! Too funny!!
Looks like you stayed busy and had some fun too these past couple of weeks!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Happy birthday, Bethany! Great to catch up with you guys. So glad your in Blogland!