Sunday, October 3, 2010

Project 365 (#203 - #209)

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Sunday ~ #203/365

I love to watch these little hands at work!

Monday ~ #204/365

This is Bethany in the parking lot at the gymnastics center. She insisted I take her picture before we go inside. She actually trying to humor me I think because lately she has been in picture protest mode!
Tuesday ~ #205/365

Hot, hot, hot! It was 99 degrees today so I cooked hot dogs on the grill after Elisha's baseball practice.

After the kids had gone to bed Yohn and I sat out on the front porch enjoying the cool of the evening and a katydid landed on the roof of our porch. I haven't seen one of these since I was a kid and Yohn had never seen one in his life!

Wednesday ~ #206/365

We now have a resident rooster at the kids' school. Who knows where he came from. A few years back we had a rooster someone had dropped off but he disappeared around Christmas time. I wonder if this one will eventually come to the same fate?

Thursday ~ #207/365

Family Night
We went to Baja Fresh for dinner and then...
...we walked around the mall for a bit. Please ignore Bethany in the background of this picture (I told you she was on strike) but instead focus on my son's wonderful smiling face, okay?

Friday ~ #208/365

I found this on the table and thought it was good for a giggle. I especially love how he spelled "ritle".

Saturday ~ #209/365

Another Saturday, another Fall Ball baseball game!

And this year the fans apparently can't decide if they are hot or cold!
For the first hour it was cold and breezy, then it was like all of a sudden hot! Weird, weird weather we're havin' here.

And that's my week! How was yours? I hope you've linked up with Sara so I can check it out for myself :)


He & Me + 3 said...

I got all cold looking at Bethany in that leotard. It has been freezing here. Send us some heat. Love the piano shot. So cool.

Together We Save said...

Sweet pictures!!

The Bug said...

The piano shot IS cool. Funny about Bethany going on strike - Dr. M has been giving me looks when I take pictures of him too :)

I hate weather that can't make up its mind. I need to remember LAYERS - otherwise I'll freeze or burn up LOL.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it got up to 99 degrees after being cool for so long! Is that the Indian summer that you spoke of?
I know what you mean about Bethany going on strike about being photographed. My granddaughter has been doing the same thing to me!

CM said...

Ha, too're in the 90s and we had frost yesterday!

Love the spunky pic of Bethany, way cute!

I've never seen a katydid...what an awesome capture.

McCrakensx4 said...

Your first photo is the look of the fingers on the keys. I have always wanted to learn to play the piano. and I have seen a lot of fall ball throughout blogland...makes my miss my Diaries of a Baseball Mom..soon enough!

Michelle said...

So, what's the answer to the 'ritle'? LOL! I love it! Looks like another wonderful week!