Friday, October 22, 2010


For as long as I can remember I've had a kind of aversion to cheerleaders (let me just stop and say here that I mean no offense to anyone who is or has been a cheerleader, just stating an opinion). I mean, I'm not the girly girl, jump up and down prissy sorta gal. Sorry, but that's just not me. In school I was quiet and conservative and never really felt the need to jump up and down and cheer. And honestly some of those cheers really annoyed me.

Now I'm an adult and get a little put off by professional cheerleaders. I recognize they work hard to know their routines and the things they can do really are amazing. But I just hate hearing the comments guys make to these less than half dress woman jumping around during a game. Ugh!

The other morning I was praying for an attitude change with my husband. Lately I've noticed I've let things slip in the things I say to him and I am bringing him down instead of building him up more often than not. As I was praying I was really trying to avoid saying I wanted to be my husband's cheerleader. It's the last thing I would naturally describe myself as. But then God showed me something I had never really seen before, I had just never put two and two together. Men are not just attracted to cheerleaders for their great bodies and their bubbly attitudes. They are attracted to the fact that someone is cheering for them. That even when they are losing and life gets tough or they are just facing a really hard moment in their life, that their CHEERLEADER is going to be there saying "Go Babe! Go! You can do this! You're a bigger man than that! Hold your head high! You're doing great!" My husband needs me to be his cheerleader. I need to take those pom poms and cheer him on, even when he's down 10-1.

What about you? Are you your husband's cheerleader?


Kate said...

This is a fantastic post and really has me thinking. Am I my husband's cheerleader? Sometimes...maybe. Not nearly enough, that's for sure.

Thank you for this well timed reminder!

He & Me + 3 said...

I was never a cheerleader in high school or any level...but as you know my daughter loves it. It is nice to be the one cheering someone on. It gives them a reason to keep trying and going.
I am not always my hubs cheerleader, but I want to be as well. Great post.

Michelle said...

Yay! You go Ruth! You are Yohn's best and only cheerleader and only you know how to cheer him on to get him out of any slump. Cheer your heart out girl!

and Yohn - forgive her. She's only human.

Love you guys!

Kimberly :) said...

This made me have proud little tears in my eyes...go Ruth. I mean, "Gimme an R!"

Anonymous said...

This was a good post. Not only will you need to be your hubby's cheerleader sometimes, the days will most likely come when you may need to cheer on your children as well. Middle school and high school can be brutal sometimes. Go Ruth!

Together We Save said...

I have to admit... I have not been lately, I guess I need to change that!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I love this! So glad you blogged about what God is showing you. It is a wonderful reminder and one I needed to hear today.

Love you friend,

P.S. I have a hard time with cheerleaders, too ;)

CM said...

You go girl! Oh wait, that actually sounds like a cheer ;-)

Seriously, you made an excellent point. I actually just turned to my hubby and asked him if I'm his cheerleader. He said, "Sometimes." So maybe I need to work on it a little bit. Thanks for this good reminder!