Saturday, January 22, 2011

Project 365 (#314 - #320)

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Sunday ~ #314/365

Bethany is very proud that she can wrap her hair in a towel all by herself :)

Monday ~ #315/365

I re-claimed my table from the horrible clutter monster that threatens to constantly overtake it. This time he almost succeeded!

Tuesday ~ #316/365

Bethany's teacher bought her pretty flower clippies to go in her hair.

And in other news, Elisha jammed his pinkie while playing basketball at school. He claims it went all the way back until it touched the back of his hand. Not sure how much of it you'll be able to see but it got darker than that before it started feeling better on Thursday.

Wednesday ~ #317/365

Here comes the sun! And with it we've had some nice temps in the 60's. It makes me wonder, though, if the colder weather is gonna attack again and send my sinuses into crazy mode.

Thursday ~ #318/365

Bethany got a new 300 piece horse puzzle at Christmas and we took the time to put it together tonight, or should I say, I finished putting it together after she went to bed because she kept getting distracted and found other things to do.

Friday ~ #319/365

Bethany insists on sharing her pretty flower clippies with the rest of us so we can look as beautiful as she does.

Saturday ~ #320/365

Elisha making a lay-up during warm up time. His team is really good and I feel bad that he hasn't been around enough to really learn from them during the games. Still, I stand on the fact that at least he has improved.
Okay so what about you? Are you linkin' up with Sara this week?



Love the flower clippie one in your husbands hair...that is precious. My mom is ok. She has dementia so ok is as good as it gets. Fridays post was all about the ER run....have a great week.

sara said...

OUCH!!! that picture and story of his finger made me cringe!!

and that is one great dad...that would not only wear the flower but allow himself to be photographed in said flower!!! :)

McCrakensx4 said...

Hope Elisha's finger is back to normal...jammed fingers are never fun...the boys have had many of those! And love that Bethany can twist up her own hair, what an accomplishment! And those flowers are so pretty...I am always wanting to buy them for my hair and then I remember I am pushing 40! lol But I love that she is willing to share and I love that dad is willing to have is picture taken while wearing it! Hope you have a great week!

Mimi said...

Everyone could used a few more flowers clipped into their hair!


The Bug said...

Yohn is definitely prettier with the flower in his hair :)

Our kitchen table is currently buried - & we don't even have kids. It's just our junk sigh.

Anonymous said...

I'm constantly fighting the clutter on Ed's pool table. It's my "catch all". (It doesn't get used for pool very often)

Bethany looks so grown-up with her towel wrap!

Maybe I should get my hubby one of those clippies to hide his balding spot :)

Rebecca Jo said...

HAHA!!!! That picture in your husbands hair is AWESOME!!! What a good dad to do that! ... I LOVE flowers in hair.. maybe not so much a man's :)

I can remember loving putting a towel around my hair when I was small. Made me feel so grown up.. memories...

OUWWWIIEEEEE... that finger!!!

Unknown said...

Aren't dad's who wear hair clips the best???

My DD never finished a puzzle, but I just eventually sweep it all back into the box!

Great week!

Together We Save said...

Oh I love your pictures!! Your husband's picture is a hoot!

Michelle said...

Bethany did a great job with the towel. I love the picture of the sun. Yohn looks great in a flowered hair clippy! Reminds of when I was younger and used to that to my dad! Except, he had long hair! Way to go Elisha, but sorry you got hurt.

PS - my eyes post was totally meant to be funny! Loved your comment about the clear plastic spoons! You crack me up!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Yohn looks good in flowers ;) He's such a trooper! Hailey has been asking me to do the turban towel thing with her, too. It is so cute! Good job Bethany! Hailey isn't quite able to do it on her own yet ;)

Ladynred said...

Cute Bethany and your hubby with the flower! My daughter is learning how put towel in her hair after shower..

christy rose said...

Bethany looks adorable in her towel.

OUCH!! looking at Elisha's pinkie. Hope it feels better quickly.

Love Bethany's hair clippie in your husband's hair. what a sport!! :)