Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Week in Review ~ Project 365

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Sunday ~ March 27th

I spotted this guy in the middle of the church parking lot and I saved him from getting run over by a car... right after I took a picture of him.

Monday ~ March 28th

Elisha sneaking some pretzels and Nutella before the ladies from life group show up. This week, unintentionally, has a lot of pictures of him.

Tuesday ~ March 29th

What's that? My shadow! We have sunshine here again! While I was excited about getting to see the sun again this week it certainly got warm fast. We went from mid 50's for the last few weeks with lots of rain to mid 80's with full on sun. It was quite the adjustment to say the least.

However, just because we had so much sunshine does not mean the fields were playable. Bethany's team was unable to play their scheduled game tonight because everything was still pretty mucky.

Wednesday ~ March 30th

Elisha had baseball practice and then we had a leadership meeting at church afterwards. Needless to say we were up finishing his reading homework a little bit past bed time.

Thursday ~ March 31st

Elisha got hit the elbow while at bat tonight during the bottom of the third or fourth inning. He did finish the game but he kept holding his elbow. This is him a few innings later standing on 1st base after getting a walk. This walk did result in a run home so while he was in pain that night he was super excited that he scored a run.

Friday ~ April 1st

Boy it looks like we might be pulling a prank in the picture because you can't see the bruise or the swelling, but Elisha's arm was puffy, warm and purple on Friday morning. He was in a lot of pain and had to have help getting dressed. We took him to the ER to get an x-ray just to be safe. Good news, he's A-OK. Bad news, we went for absolutely no reason. Especially since he was acting like it was no big deal while getting the x-rays. Um yeah, thanks son.

Saturday ~ April 2nd

Since Elisha had so many pictures all week I thought I'd share a few of my Bethany. Here she is looking cute in the dug out.

And here she is hitting a foul ball. Sadly this is all I saw of her game because I had to score keep Elisha's game. Another mom let me duck out of the score keeper box for a few minutes so I could come and get these pictures. Her team won again making them undefeated so far. Course since this was the first official season game because of all the rain, I am counting the two pre-season games in that undefeated status.

That's it for this week. I hope yours was active, fun, and sunshine filled (without the heat though)!


sara said...

great pics this week!!!

I am so glad baseball has started!!!

Skoots1moM said...

my dd played 11 seasons of softball...i miss it!
great shots

Amy said...

Gotta love baseball!! Yeah...reading past bedtime is all too common in our household during baseball season...sigh.

McCrakensx4 said...

Yay to the start of your season...finally!! Bren got hit today, HARD, in the back and I actually caught it on film!! Will post it on my next diaries post! OUCH...hope his elbow is better. Loving B's smile from the dugout! And we are knowing about those jumping temps...record highs here the latter part of our week; made it to 100*..yep that's HOT for April and that's no foolin'!! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. Love the snail photo. I also love the one of Bethany in the dugout. Thanks so much for linking up. Have a great Sunday.

Kim said...

So fun to see the kids playing ball! Spring has arrived :)
Enjoyed all your photos this week!

LuAnn said...

lov your baseball pictures too !!!!
I love this sport.

Amy said...

I'm seeing many baseball pics this week. very cute!
snails gross me out, but that's a great picture!

Unknown said...

LOVE the snail shot! :D

And the baseball. I have four in softball this year... but it doesn't start for another month. Maybe something to do with the snow that's still on the ground? ;)

Mimi said...

I just hate it when the weather jumps from cold to summer. That's happened here in Michigan the last couple of years. Right now I'd be thrilled if it would stop snowing!

Hugs & love,

The Bug said...

Great pics this week - love your shadow :) We had sun today & it was WARM for a change. I was definitely basking. But I know I'll be whining about being too hot in just a few weeks. There's no satisfying me. Heh.

Rebecca Jo said...

I love the shadow picture :)

I applaud you... I'm always saving little creatures too & people are usually like EWWWW... what a cute little guy!

Angee @ October Morning said...

Looks like you had a great week. I love the shot of the snail.

He & Me + 3 said...

I do that all the time with my kids...I have one kid in the pictures all week. I really try to give them each the spot you did. Glad his elbow is ok. Too funny about him acting ok during the xrays.

Lori said...

ouch! batting is never easy in baseball. hope you have another good week, but with no bruised elbows this time

H-Mama said...

Bethany and Elisha look simply a.dor.a.ble. in their uniforms!!

Yay for baseball!

Glad his arm is okay.

Yay you for saving the lil' parking lot guy. ;)


I love the baseball pics. It reminds me that spring has sprung.

CM said...

The dugout shot of Bethany is adorable. Glad Elisha's arm wasn't anything serious.

The shadow shot...very creative!