Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baseball/Softball Chronicles ~ March 28th - April 2nd

Well, due to the extreme amount of rain we received this fine beginning of baseball/softball season, Opening Day which was scheduled for March 19th was rained out. They re-scheduled it to April 10th, and guess what? We were out of town, so no Opening Day pictures from me this year.

Then after the rainfest all week long the following week... Saturday, March 26th's games were canceled. Then Monday brought the sun, but unfortunately because the fields were so saturated the games on Monday and Tuesday, including Bethany's on March 29th, were canceled. So on Thursday, March 31st Elisha's first official 2011 season game was underway...

March 31st, 2011

A's vs. Indians

See how tall the grass was? It had lots of water the past few weeks.

Elisha got hit by a pitch in the elbow. This is him leading off of 1st base. I don't know if you can see it or not, but he is sticking out his tongue. It cracks me up when he focuses like that!

He made it to second but no further on this round (due to the 3rd out coming before he really got a chance).

This is Anthony, one of Elisha's best friends. They were playing each other this night.

Elisha on first base the second time at bat. Thankfully he got a base on balls and only had to swing once. See him still holding his elbow?

Yeah, it's still bothering him on third base too.

But do you see that green blur running for home? Yep, That's Elisha! He got to cross the plate and was excited to put a point on the board for his team!

Final Score: A's 12 - Indians 4 (I think... I know for sure they won by 8 points)

Saturday, April 2nd

Cubs vs. Marlins

After having two rained out games, Bethany's season finally gets underway!

And it's pretty obvious her focus and concentration remain just as sharp as ever!


I warned her that her hat needed to be a little tighter on her head but she didn't really take an interest in my advice. Nope, her hat had to fly off while she was running for a ball for her to learn that lesson.

Adjusting her helmet...

Swing batter!

Bethany got one hit of the coach this game, one strike out and then another hit.

Final Score: Hmmm... They won, that's all I know! :)

A's vs. Red Sox

This is all Elisha played on this fine sunny Saturday. His elbow was still giving him some troubles, so he played two innings in the outfield, cuz he really, really wanted to play, and then was pulled just before he batted.(Look they mowed the grass!)

The good news, nothing was broken so I didn't have to worry about him re-injuring anything, because it was just a bruise. The bad news, Elisha tries to please everyone and I had to let his coaches know to watch him cuz' he might not speak up. Sure enough, they pulled him because they caught him wincing while warming up to go to bat. Silly boy!

This game was a close one, and there were lots of disputed calls.

Final Score: A's 8 - Red Sox 7 (won in an extra inning on a call that upset the Red Sox coach very much. Some days are just like that I suppose)


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Glad he is OK!

Anonymous said...

Two words for you, Ruth..."Play Ball"! I'll bet Elisha's elbow hurt! Ouch :(

He & Me + 3 said...

Ouch on the elbow...poor guy was holding it for a wle huh? That smarts so bad. Glad he was alright though. Love the eye black under bethany's eyes...too cute

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...


And so the season officially begins. Ready, set, go! Have fun!