Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baseball/Softball Chronicles ~ May 23rd - 28th

Tuesday, May 24th

The A's vs. The Dodgers

(The real game)

We finally had an official game against the Dodgers and were seriously expecting a blow out. But they surprised us. Something about playoff positions, I'm not sure, but they basically let us win. They started the bottom of their line up and let the out fielders play the in field the whole game. I was busy trying to keep score in Elisha's coach's book (we weren't home team, but his coach likes a separate book kept to see how each boy is doing at bat) so this is the only shot I got of Elisha. He struggled at bat tonight but played well at third.

Final Score: A's 18, Dodgers 2

Wednesday, May 25th

The Cubs vs. The Rays

Last game of the season, and wouldn't you know it, both of my kids played at the exact same time. And not only that but Bethany's team played against the infamous Rays who only lost one game the whole season up to this point. And guess who plays for the Rays?

My niece Harmony!

This is how she is a lot at the ball fields. Some days I'm surprised her coaches have as much patience as they do, LOL!

In order to explain the last play of the game I needed to show you this picture. It's the bottom of the sixth (final inning) the Rays are down by one with two outs. We're dyin' for a win, for two reasons: 1) It's the Rays, everyone wants to beat them (for various reasons we just won't discuss though) and 2) we haven't had a win in a while and it would be a great way to end the season since we already knew we didn't make play-offs.

Okay back to the picture. See the ball? See Bethany on the right? Yeah, I didn't think she was paying any mind to the game, cuz' she was just standin' there with her hand in her pocket sorta spacing out. But then the pitcher missed the ball and she snapped to life. Seriously I must have taken this picture just a second before, because her whole body jerked and she smiled all big and snatched up the ball....

...then she threw it like this to first base, BARELY getting it there to get the third out! I couldn't believe it! I also couldn't believe that I caught it on camera. I was just snapping at whatever not even looking.

Finals Score: Cubs 9, Rays 8


And since it was the final game we took a few pictures...

... and they get their league pins.

Bethany really loved her coaches this year, can you tell?

Ahhh... so sad it is all over!

The A's vs. The Yankees

Since I was running back and forth, and since I knew this boy's team made playoffs (although we really wonder how) I only got a few pics of his game since I spent most of the time at Bethany's field. He hit a foul ball and was walked. Played center and right field and had a decent game so I heard.

I knew it's pretty obvious this boy made it to second but I just wanted to show ya how he is so good at shifting to the ball when he backs up in the out field. He played mostly outfield all year, but his coach told him countless times he was the best outfielder because he paid attention and was always rotating to the ball.

Elisha receiving his league pin.

Final Score: A's 8, Yankees 10

All in all my kids had a great season and progressed a lot. We enjoyed their coaches this year and only had a few minor complaints, mostly about a few of the boys on Elisha's team. Up next... playoffs posts! :)


CM said...

Great shots, especially of Bethany's play. Good luck in playoffs!

He & Me + 3 said...

It is so nice when you like a coach. It makes the season so much better. Do you have a picture of the pins? Our kids usually get medals. Even though their games were at the same still got some pictures. Good job.

McCrakensx4 said...

Great season! I am jealous of your bball posts....I didn't do so hot this year :( I really needed to be better! Love that they get pins...we get trophys...that collect dust! lol Hope you have a great off season!

Together We Save said...

Wonderful pictures!! I do love softball/baseball!!