Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Week in Review ~ Project 365

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Sunday ~ May 29th

A picture of our Sky kitty!

Monday ~ May 30th

Every year we go to Kid Fest on Memorial Day. This year they had a fire truck and fire men there letting the kids dress up in fire gear and climb all over the fire truck.

Tuesday ~ May 31st

I took a class graduation picture of our pre-kindergarteners.

Wednesday ~ June 1st

1st Playoff game for Elisha's team. It was supposed to be on Tuesday but it rained all day. It actually rained a lot on Wednesday too but stopped by 1:30 and so the fields were dry enough to play. Unfortunately Elisha hurt his big toe jumping around on Monday (more on that in another post) and was unable to play because it was so swollen. So he came to support his team and I came to scorekeep. The A's won 13-1.

Thursday ~ June 2nd

She wrote this on the top of one of her school papers. Her teacher drew the red heart in agreement.

Friday ~ June 3rd

We had our annual Mother's/Father's Luncheon at the preschool.

Saturday ~ June 4th

The second playoff game was scheduled for today but we awoke with thunderstorms that lasted all. day. long. So now they are re-scheduled for tomorrow if the weather permits.

That's it for this week!


sara said...

I hope your son's toe is all healed up so he can play!!!

love that your daughter wrote I love Jesus on her paper!!!! you need to save that paper!!! so sweet.

I am happy to say that our storms are gone. It is stinkin hot here but I am NOT going to complain!!!! :)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Those turnouts are heavier than they look, aren't they?

I figured out how to get around this sign in thing. When you sign in, don't click "sign in". It made all the difference. So glad I finally figured it out!!!

debi9kids said...

LOVING the photo in the fireman's uniform :) Too cute!

How sweet to write " I love Jesus". That's one of those proud mama making moments :)

Skoots1moM said...

i miss keeping the book @ ballgames...
hope the toe's not broken
it's very hot here, too

The Davidson Den said...

*gasp!* I used to keep the score books for my brothers' teams when they were in Little League! I LOVED it!!! 'Cause I'm a nerd that way. Really, it's the only way I can sit still and pay attention at a ballgame. Sports are SO not my thing!! LOL!

Love the class picture. Very sweet. Makes me miss teaching a little.

Anonymous said...

Great photos this week. Love the first two. Thanks so much for linking up. Have a wonderful week.

Mimi said...

Sorry about the big toe! I had a fireman put all his gear on me this past fall & it is heavy!!

Have a great week,

Rebecca Jo said...

its a wonder that fire coat didnt just weigh her down... those things are HEAVYYYYYY

Love the "I love Jesus" - such a precious soul

The Bug said...

Love the pic in the fire gear - a cute little mini firefighter :) Hope Noah's toe is doing better - can't wait to hear the story.

Unknown said...

Lot's of cat pictures all around this week!

Great week.

riTa Koch said...

I love the little fire fighter ;)

Susan said...

Looks like you had a busy week.

These were some fun pictures.

Hope you have a great week!

He & Me + 3 said...

Those little pre-kindergartners in their jeans and T-shirts are so cute. great job on the picture. I hope his toe feels better. a toe is very important...Hope you get your game in.

Rachel said...

Ooh, ouchie toes are no fun! (Coming from a former ballet dancer!)

The fire truck looks like a blast!

I love that "I Love Jesus"... what a beautiful thing to see!

Ladynred said...

love the graduation kids shot!