Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Week in Review ~ Project 365

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This week's 365 unintentionally ended up with a theme too, and that theme is very summer appropriate! WET! With a few of Lynx thrown in for good measure (cuz' I know you'd cry if I didn't share him again this week).

Sunday, August 14th

Once a year our children's church does what they call Aqua Blast! for the kids in which they get wet, wet, wet! and have a blast doing it.

Monday, August 15th

The kids started swimming lessons today. I barely squeaked it in before they start school, but we did it. I wish we could have done them sooner since they did a lot of water activities this summer, but oh well.

Tuesday, August 16th

I bought a Groupon for this Ladybug land and wanted to use it for Bethany's birthday. Well it came today and I guess I wasn't paying attention when I ordered it early that the lady bug larvae came with it. So even though her birthday is still two weeks away she got this today. She loved it!

Wednesday, August 17th

In an attempt to beat the mid-August heat we put a sprinkler on the trampoline and let the kids have at it. They had sooo much fun.

Thursday, August 18th

This is Lynx's favorite toy, and also his favorite place to fall asleep! Silly kitty!

Friday, August 19th

He was playing when I took this picture and I could not get him to go to sleep for the night.

Saturday, August 20th

We visited one of the church's, where our kids did VBS this summer, for a car show. They had their water slide up and going, and even though it was a cool evening, Bethany thoroughly enjoyed herself.

That's it for me! Over and out!


The Bug said...

Love all the water activity! And that Lynx is just TOO precious :)


Cute little kitties and precious children shots. You seemed to have had a great week. I enjoyed sharing it.

semperfi said...

Love the kittie pictures!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun and wet week. Love all these shots. Thanks for linking up. Have a great week.

He & Me + 3 said...

Tons of water fun this week. So fun. We have been a bit chilly for water fun. It has to be 90 and sunny before this chic hits the water. LOL Love the water on the trampoline. FUN! cute kitty too.

McCrakensx4 said...

Loving all of the water pics this week! Looks like so much fun! And love the ladybug house too! sorry I have been MIA this and football are taking up every spare nano second I have...hope you have a nice rest of your summer before school starts!

Anonymous said...

I can tell from the pics that the kids had a blast with all of the water activities! And that Lynx just keeps getting more adorable :)

Anonymous said...

I can tell from the pics that the kids had a blast with all of the water activities! And that Lynx just keeps getting more adorable :)

riTa Koch said...

Playful kitty picture is too cute and sleeping kitty, silly indeed!
So much summer fun...almost over, enjoy while you can! Have another great week!

CM said...

How fun! Looks like your kids are already great swimmers!

Awww, the kitty is adorable!

Together We Save said...

Looks like lots of water fun!!