Wednesday, January 30, 2013

December in Pictures ~ Part 5

We spent the afternoon of Christmas day with friends.

Then we came home and made a special birthday cake!

Then we sang a very special Happy Birthday song and blew out the candles.

We put a bow on our best Christmas present this year.

And the kids fell asleep watching a Christmas movie (and now that a month has gone by I have no idea which one it was!).

I didn't really take too many pictures after Christmas as my camera has become the most obnoxious thing and takes forever to get a good picture. Once and while I will get it out and play around with it, but that final week of Christmas didn't get any pictures.

New Year's Eve the kids and Yohn went with friends to a movie. 

Then we played a few board games to ring in the new year! Happy 2013!


Anonymous said...

I hope you get your obnoxious camera straightened out soon. I look forward to your pictures!

That's a precious photo of your pup wearing the red bow :)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Bummer about your camera. Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas :) Such a cute pup!