Sunday, January 27, 2013

One Way

Elisha and Bethany are a part of the children's church worship team. This morning they got to perform One Way in "big church".

WARNING: My cameras were both acting up this morning and this is the best I got. During first service the video ended up grainy because the camera kept refocusing. This one is on my regular camera, which is crazy, and rarely ever cooperates anymore. It was fighting with me so I missed the intro. The beginning of the video is shaky because I was jostling the camera around pressing the buttons trying to get it to work, not realizing that it was already recording.

If this doesn't play I do apologize as this is the first time I have posted to youtube and I have listed it as private because not all of these children belong to me. It looks a little "squished" compared to how it should actually look, so if anyone is cut off of the sides it's not my doing, it's youtube's.

So after all my ramblings, I hope you enjoy it! Elisha is third from the left and Bethany is next to him, fourth from the left.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it! I'll bet all were tired when they finished.