Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our "Super" Photo Shoot

Last year we decided to take a family picture on New Year's Day (2012) and this year we figured since we liked it so much we wanted to do another. I thought of doing our Super family pictures and we all dressed in Superman (or girl) clothing. Bethany actually borrowed one of my shirts and we tied it in the back. Elisha wore his pajama shirt, as he did not have a regular shirt and Yohn's looked way too big on him.

So on New Year's Day 2013 this is what we did...

So setting our camera on auto, we went to the park and took some pictures on the bridge.

We had a hard time getting the bridge to ourselves, as it was a beautiful day and it had been cold, cloudy and rainy for the whole month leading up to New Year's. Everyone was out and about strolling around the park.

Most of these photos are just as they were taken, unedited.

My camera was not behaving much, so it took a bit to get the photos we wanted. 

Because the sun was in his eyes, Elisha kept hiding in that shadow on me.

Despite having lots of trouble with the camera, and a few difficult moments with our daughter, we got some decent pictures. As you can see Elisha and Yohn both really got into the character.

And we got some fun ones, even though I wanted to do so much more, it was not worth trying to make everyone wait for the camera to cooperate. 

The kids both really loved the pictures at the end and we have even had their friends comment on the pictures as they appear on the screensaver.

The other day groupon was running a special on aluminum prints and so I ordered our favorite pose:

I can't wait until it gets here!

Once again, I hope you are having a "Super" Year!


Anonymous said...

What a neat idea for a family photo shoot! Love it :)

The Bug said...

Those are great! Love the last two shots best :)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

that last one is my all time favorite! You are so creative and such a fun family :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS> LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT...what an awesome family thing to do. I am going to steal this idea for my son's bday. This is great! What a beautiful family.