Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Counting Down to Fifteen - #10

Ten days left...

I just wanted to add that I am sharing this publicly because I believe marriage, no matter how long you have been married, should be celebrated. So many people give up. Yohn and I will have fifteen years married in ten more days and I can't wait to celebrate with him. I have had this idea in my head to do this countdown since December. I'm so glad to have the opportunity to share it!


I fell in love with this song after Fireproof was in theatres, and if you remember I listened to it all. the. time. and probably drove you crazy doing it. But it is so true and applies to our lives. I am so glad that love is a shelter, that love is peace, and that it is not meant to be a fight, but something worth fighting for. I will always fight for you.


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