Sunday, March 17, 2013

Oh the Sickness...

Oy! I just want it to go away!

It started with Elisha complaining of a sore throat the night of his birthday. It was just before bed time, so I sent him to bed without a second thought. He woke up the next morning complaining it hurt to swallow. When I peeked down his throat it was barely pink, no cause for alarm, but I let him stay home anyway since he was in obvious pain. By all accounts he acted normal except for the fact that he had a hard time swallowing. He knocked out all of his schoolwork by the end of the day and was wanting to play outside he was so bored of being inside all day.

Wednesday came and his throat looked a little red, still not real cause to worry (or so I thought) no fever, energy level still high, but only wanted soft foods to eat. Another day at home, another day where he finished all of his school work before the end of a normal school day, and another day chomping at the bit to do anything but be cooped up inside all day.

Then Thursday came.... You know I guess I should have googled strep throat or something prior to assuming he didn't have it. On Thursday his throat was swollen red and scratchy and he could barely swallow. I called the doctor at 7 am and they "squeezed" us in at 11 am. It's crazy how fast the doctor's appointments fill up for the day. They confirmed that he had strep and we started medication right away. Poor guy suffered for a bit before Yohn and I got our heads on straight and got him in to a doctor. Ah well, I blame it on the fact that he had no fever and acted completely normal. 

Then Friday night Bethany starts complaining of a sore throat. Great. That means I had to find a doctor for her that was open on the weekend first thing Saturday morning. Poor thing woke up with a bright red throat and a 102.3 fever. Thankfully we were able to get her in right away.

So I had two kids on meds to remember to give to them morning and night... yeah, that went over well for the first few days but then we all started forgetting. I would have to bring the meds to school or grab them from bed in order to stay on top of it. Thankfully we are done with that. Personally though I think Bethany got the raw end of the deal with the strep throat. Elisha stayed home from school four days, never had a fever, and had a normal energy level. Bethany got sick on the weekend, was better by Monday (so no missed school), had a fever and was incredibly lethargic.

THEN Tuesday rolls around and I start feeling like my allergies are bothering me. By noon I had a fever and decided to come home. And that's where I was all week. Home with a fever, stuffy nose and headache, no enegery and sleeping all. day. long. It sort of went away Friday, I felt good on Sunday but then relapsed on Monday. I made it through Tuesday, tired, but okay. Wednesday the same thing. I finally looked up how to treat a sinus infection (but we don't have the best insurance and pay a nice co-pay every time so I avoid it if I can) and learned about the apple cider vinegar treatment. That stuff is awful, but it helped, believe it or not. My stuffy head cleared enough for me to sleep well that night.

Today, I'm still low on energy but moving forward, after almost two weeks of the horriblest cold I've ever had. Too bad tomorrow is Monday, cuz' I'd love to stay home and rest again. Or maybe even clean my house, as I'm sure you can imagine what it looks like!


The Bug said...

Oh sorry you guys were sick! My brother used to get strep regularly until they removed his tonsils. Amazingly I think I only ever had it a couple of times.

Colds are the pits. Because you're still expected to power through & you feel awful. Ugh. Here's hoping this week is MUCH better!

Anonymous said...

Your household has certainly had its share of misery lately, huh? I hope, by now, all are feeling back to normal. Take care!