Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Daily 5 ~ #11

Whoops! Forgot to even write out yesterday's five! I got just a little caught up in the season finale of Elementary we were watching on DVD late last night.

However, I did still want to make note of the one blessing I remember from yesterday:

394. getting not one, but both kid's school pictures for free (Every year I coordinate the kids and get them from classrooms to the picture area, organize them and assist in getting them situated, it's my job. But hey, if they want to give me free pictures for that, I don't mind a bit!) 

And now for today's:

395. having Yohn be gracious and forgiving when I embarrassed him in front of a friend today (let's just say it had something to do with hand slapping and scolding and leave it at that, K?)

396. having a hard laugh with Yohn when he mentioned said embarrassment later on
(for the record I did apologize, but that did not stop us from re-hashing it and laughing all the harder at my rather juvenile behavior)

397. sitting with Yohn watching both kids at basketball practice


398. that it has been confirmed that Bethany will definitely have a team

399. time at Panera bread with the school families

400. spending time sitting and talking with "my boys"
(Elisha & Tavahri) 

1 comment:

The Bug said...

That's great about the pictures! Any savings is a good savings - and it's nice to be appreciated for your job.

OK, dying to know what Yohn was doing, but I can imagine :) My husband embarrasses me all the time on Facebook - he's shameless. Ha!