Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Daily 5 ~ #12

Boy, this whole missing a day thing is getting out of hand...

Ah well, today I'll post October 10th & October 11th...

401. having Baby Bird for 23 years (he sadly passed on today)

402. Lifegroup

403. planning our weekend trip (camping)

404. a conversation with my son that went well

405. that Bethany is ahead in her school work (as opposed to her norm)

406. breakfast at Denny's with my family and T

407. a calm morning
408. time alone with Yohn

409. Elisha & Bethany getting along while we were gone AND completing all tasks left for them

410. books

411. peppermint oil used to alleviate Bethany's tummy ache


The Bug said...

Sorry for the loss of Baby Bird! I like Denny's too...

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Reading through all your thankful posts. What great reminders to be thankful for ALL the things in our lives. Have a great day, friend!